Chicago Bulls logo upside down viral history, explained

The Chicago Bulls logo is iconic in NBA history. However, if you turn the logo upside down, there is even more history that gets unlocked in a viral manner.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more widely recognized NBA logo than that of the Chicago Bulls. Most likely due to Michael Jordan and his rise to meteoric fame in the 1990s, you see the logo and you know we’re talking about the Bulls.

Part of that is also due to the fact that it’s just a good logo. It’s certainly not one akin to many other pro sports franchises where you have to really study it to figure out what they’re going for with the look.

However, the Chicago Bulls logo hassomething else going for it in the annuls of history, particularly in the internet era. If you turn it upside down, it becomes something else entirely.

Chicago Bulls logo upside down viral history, explained

Let’s just say that, if you turn the Chicago Bulls logo upside down, it could be perceived as a wildly weird and NSFW image. We’ll just let a Twitter user explain what it looks like a robot and a crab are doing.

It’s one of those things that, once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Now, it should be noted that more clean-minded Twitter users or other people on the internet have talked about it looking like the robot reading a book or something else. Once you have the promiscuous image on your mind, though, it’s really hard to think about anything else.

So there you have it — good luck seeing anything else the next time you look at the Bulls logo.

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