Chris Jericho praises Bad Bunny, compares WrestleMania 37 entrance to recent AEW segment

The WWE Universe had high praise for Bad Bunny following WrestleMania Night One, and it seems he’s also caught the attention of former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho.

The leader of The Inner Circle appeared on Busted Open Radio today where he praised Bad Bunny while comparing his presentation to something AEW would do.

Bad Bunny shocked the world with a fantastic in-ring debut at WrestleMania. The Grammy award winner teamed up with Damian Priest to successfully defeat The Miz and John Morrison in what was considered one of the greatest celebrity wrestling matches of all time.

Bad Bunny pulled out a Canadian Destroyer, hit several spectacular dives, and took a lot of bumps from Miz and Morrison throughout the bout.

It was clear that he had dedicated himself to learning everything he could for this match, and that effort didn’t go unnoticed by fans and critics of WWE alike.

Chris Jericho says the coolest thing about WrestleMania was Bad Bunny’s entrance

Chris Jericho is used to shocking the world following his debut with AEW, his surprising run with NJPW, and more since leaving WWE. Following Night Two of WrestleMania, Jericho had fans in the palm of his hand as he joined Stone Cold Steve Austin for the latest installment of the Broken Skull Sessions.

Jericho had the opportunity to talk about the two-night extravaganza and revealed his favorite moment from WrestleMania. Like many of us, he was entertained by Bad Bunny. Specifically, the Grammy Award winner’s entrance caught his eye. When talking with Busted Open, Jericho said:

“When I watched WrestleMania this year, it was great, but the coolest thing was Bad Bunny’s entrance. I’m like ‘That’s cool!’ Like that’s kind of what we try to do. We did that last week with The Inner Circle showing up with the cars in kind of a Fast and Furious type thing. That’s what I was going for because people like that s***.”

Jericho said that AEW was the cool promotion, whether people wanted to admit it or not. One of the reasons for that was the spectacular entrances and scenes they would present to their fans.

He believed that Bad Bunny’s entrance was a prime example of that, being something that fans would eat up and remember long after the event was over.

Bad Bunny wasn’t the only superstar to bring something special to the table at The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Big E and Rhea Ripley had live performances of their theme songs, while Bray Wyatt emerged from a giant jack-in-the-box.

For now, in-house fans aren’t a part of RAW or SmackDown as we’re still in the ThunderDome era.

The next time fans are welcomed back to a WWE event, though, we can all expect to see some more extravagant entrances.

Published 14 Apr 2021, 05:34 IST

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