Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 6 review – Suzune wants Ken’s help, Kushida reveals her true self

With more mind games and manipulation, Season 2 of Classroom of the Elite has become one of the most well-received anime series of 2022. Both the Deserted Island Test arc and the Cruise Ship Special Test arc adaptation were impeccable by Lerche, and with the spectacular beginning of the Sports Festival arc, the studio garnered a lot of praise.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 6 is titled “Adversity Is the First Path to Truth,” a vigorously expressive quote taken from the renowned English poet and peer George Gordon Byron’s “Don Juan.” This article will briefly break down the episode by dividing it into three narratives.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 6 Highlights

Kushida reveals the truth

Following Ayanokouji’s advice of using Ken Sudo in the fifth episode of Classroom of the Elite, Suzune wanted to convince Ken to get back on track with the festival as he has lost hope in his team and wanted to drop out. Suzune tried to relate to Ken by revealing that her brother, who is the president of the Student Council, looks down on her for her incompetence.

Despite the pep talk, Ken stood firm on his decision. However, as Suzune was persistent, she waited for him until he changed his mind. On school grounds, Ayanokouji confronted Kushida to say that he knew she was the traitor of Class 1-d who leaked the participation information to Ryuuen as she was the only person who took the picture of the list despite the warning.

Kushida ist eindeutig die beste in Classroom of the Elite.Hat sie heute wieder unter Beweis gestellt.

As Ayanokouji now knows everything, Kushida threatens him while keeping her usual jovial disposition by saying that she will reveal to everyone he tried to physically abuse her. Earlier, she forcibly placed Ayanokouji’s hand on her chest, and the fingerprints are enough to prove her case to be true.

Ken apologizes to his team

classroom of the elite season 2 is the final form of animethis went on for like 5 more minutesi’ll never be the same after this

Suzune managed to convince Ken that he should lead his team to victory by promising she would dedicate herself to his aid. Later, Ken expressed his regret for being harsh with his team and raised their spirits.

Ayanokouji as a substitute for his injured teammate takes part in the relay race, and there he meets Suzume’s older brother, Manabu Horikita. The former and latter exchanged a few pieces of advice before running and eventually defeated everyone with their impressive speed.

After the results concluded, members of Class 1-D were relieved that their performance wasn’t as bad as they expected. While Ken and others praised Ayaokouji for his performance in the race, Suzune punched him in the stomach as he didn’t show that level of enthusiasm from the start.

Suzune finds out the evil side of Kushida

[Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Ep 6]One of the ancitipated scenes I would like to see in S2 is the race between kiyotaka and manabu, but it’s not exciting as I read it in LN, however the ending, the conversion between horikita, ryuuen and kushida was actually pretty good.

Suzune had no choice but to meet Ryuuen as she doesn’t like to run away from her problems. Suzune asked Kushida to drop her act as she knew someone like her from middle school days, who deceived everyone with her cheerful disposition. As Kushida wants Suzune to get expelled, she formed a coalition with Kakeru Ryuuen.

Classroom of the Elite é bom demais não tem como é um episódio melhor que outro

Suzune came prepared by recording the conversation on her phone, but Kakeru countered her by recording everything prior to her and called the entire conversation a fantasy, and if the audio gets released everyone will eventually take his side.

Out of the blue, Ryuuen received an audio file in which his entire conversation with Kinoshita was recorded. At this point, Ryuuen and Kushida can’t do anything to Suzune, so they leave her for now.

Final thoughts

The spectacular ending of Classroom of the Elite Episode 6 raised the bar of excitement among fans, as they wished for Suzune not to fall into Ryuuen’s trap. It is apparent that the unknown person who saved Suzune from embarrassment and the potential risk of losing a million class points is none other than Ayanokouji.

Earlier, Ayanokouji gave a hint to Karuizawa that Class 1-d will produce a traitor who will leak the participation information, and the traitor will turn out to be Kushida herself. Aynokouji has everything planned and whoever becomes his next victim will be revealed in the next episode of Classroom of the Elite.

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