College football fans rejoice after Aaron Judge HR ends obnoxious cut-ins

College football fans have grown increasingly annoyed with the live cut-ins of Aaron Judge’s home run chase. Their pain has now ended. 

While the college football itself over the past two weeks has been an absolute joy to watch, there has been a looming cloud over the entire fan experience watching at home: the Aaron Judge cut-ins.

It’s been a nightmare for fans trying to enjoy their set-aside Saturdays of watching college athletes play for their favorite programs only to be bombarded with split-screen looks at the Yankees slugger allegedly chasing his 62nd home run to break Roger Maris’ AL record. After all, most of the cut-ins featured only outs or walks for the superstar.

On Tuesday night, however, with not a college football game in sight, Judge stepped to the plate and was able to crank one over the fence and set the record for the American League. And thus, the cut-ins have ended.

College football fans rejoice in freedom from Aaron Judge cut-ins after 62nd home run

If you thought Yankees and baseball fans were excited to see history be made, that was nothing in comparison to the joy shown by CFB fans that they won’t have their Saturdays interrupted any longer.

The hilarious truth of the matter is that the cut-ins would’ve stopped regardless as the regular season comes to a close on Wednesday, Oct. 5, meaning that Judge’s chase for the record would’ve ended there. However, it’s a far more satisfying conclusion for him to hit it on Tuesday without that ever being questioned.

Now fans just have to hope that the Yankees star doesn’t start going after some other home run record in the postseason. That might send the college football world spiraling into complete madness.

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