College football is officially back now that Iowa punted inside opponent’s 40

Nothing hits quite like Iowa punting the football inside of the opposition’s 40-yard line.

It is not college football season until we see Iowa do what Iowa does on offense in Week 1.

The Hawkeyes have the longest-tenured head coach in the Power Five in Kirk Ferentz. While Iowa is best known for developing offensive line talent and tight ends for the next level, the offense typically leaves a lot to be desired. Of course, Ferentz’s son Brian gets to call plays that go nowhere because accountability is not something you can major in over in Iowa City, am I right?

This is Iowa going full-blown Iowa by punting to South Dakota State from the Jackrabbits’ 37…

For those who decided to not watch an offensive snoozefest, this is also what it looked like…

The Ferentzes are going to do what they do, but Hawkeyes fans might actually prefer some points.

Iowa continues to do what it does on offense by playing ultra-finesse football

There are people with ideas on offense, but they certainly don’t do the Kinnick Wave on the reg. Could you imagine the Hawkeyes embracing an Air Raid attack? It would be utter blasphemy, just like asking The Pirate Mike Leach to give up everything for three yards and a cloud of dust. While the Hawkeyes are the reigning Big Ten West champions, there is a reason why they aren’t ranked.

Although the Big Ten is at its core a run-and-defense league, that is not how Ohio State is going to go undefeated and run roughshod on its competition on a weekly basis. The Buckeyes have arguably the best passing attack in college football. The defense is still a work in progress, but C.J. Stroud can probably sling it better left-handed than whatever the Ferentzes trot out under center.

Ultimately, this is why we love college football. It is a tradition-laden sport in a world that is ever-changing. While traditions die hard, why would we ever expect the Hawkeyes to be something they never have been before? Just look at how embracing newness has ruined the rival Nebraska Cornhuskers forever. Maybe they should get back to running the ole wishbone and lifting weights?

America needs punters, just as much as it needs farmers. ANF becomes ANP at Kinnick Stadium.

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