Conor McGregor not being tested is very strange – Brendan Schaub wonders how much influence UFC has over USADA

On the latest episode of his podcast The Schaub Show, Brendan Schaub weighed in on Jorge Masvidal seemingly accusing Conor McGregor of taking steroids.

As he recovers from the leg injury he sustained at UFC 264, McGregor has put on a massive amount of muscle and looks huge at the moment. During a recent back-and-forth with Jorge Masvidal on social media, ‘Notorious’ was accused of steroid usage by ‘Gamebred’.

During a segment on the latest episode of The Schaub Show, former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub reacted to the situation and said:

“What worries me is, remember that UFC hires USADA. So USADA works for the UFC. So I’m curious on how much influence the UFC has on who they’re testing, when they’re testing them. Because for them not to test Conor for an entire year after a leg break… I know he’s on a yacht, I know it’s tough, but it’s very strange.”

Schaub went on to express his doubts over a possible fight between Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor, stating that UFC president Dana White is probably eyeing Michael Chandler as McGregor’s next opponent:

“Yeah, I don’t think that fight happens… that’d be a great fight… It sounds like Dana’s favoring Chandler.”

Watch the segment at 1:02:00 of the video below:


Michael Bisping recently expressed his concern about UFC testing Conor McGregor

During an episode of the Believe You Me podcast, Michael Bisping and co-host Anthony Smith expressed their doubts over USADA testing McGregor while he’s been out of action for the past year.

The Dublin native broke his leg last year in July and has since been on a path to recovery. However, he’s been busy traveling, most recently seen attending the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix on his new Lamborghini yacht.

Speaking about the same, Anthony Smith questioned how USADA was testing the Irishman, to which Bisping replied:

“Very simple. They don’t… I don’t think USADA are testing him. Listen, I’m not gonna sit here and say he’s doing steroids… maybe he’s taking something to help the bones and the rod – the titanium shinbone – to help it heal and fuse together.”

Watch the full episode of Believe You Me below:


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