Cubs rumors: Willson Contreras isn’t the most likely fan favorite traded

Chicago Cubs star Willson Contreras has been heavily focused on in trade rumors, but he may not be the only one to be traded.

Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras has consistently come up as a target in trade rumors, but outfielder Ian Happ may be a favorite to be traded.

Yet, according to Jeff Passan of ESPN, “Almost everyone wants Happ.”

“Two things have become clear in the past week as trade talks picked up: Almost everyone wants Happ, and the Cubs are likely to trade him, according to sources.” -Jeff Passan, via ESPN

Happ has only played in Chicago during his entire six-season career. He’s seemingly feeling sentimental about his potential ending in Chicago.

Cubs Ian Happ seems sentimental about possibly leaving Chicago

Happ has been with the franchise since 2015 and made his MLB debut with the Cubs in 2017. He said he feels “weird” about the thought of going elsewhere.

“I don’t want to leave here without absorbing it and taking it in. It’s a weird thing we signed up for sometimes. Especially when I’ve been here since 2015. Willson’s been here forever.” -Ian Happ, via Chicago Sun-Times

Happ and Contreras are two of the best hitters in Chicago this season. Happ is hitting .282/.367/.445 for an OPS of .812. He has the second-best batting average and on-base percentage on the team.

Contreras is hitting .258/.374/.473 for an OPS of .847. He has the fifth-best isolated power (.215) on the team, sixth-best batting average, best on-base percentage and fourth-best slugging percentage.

The two deserve to stay with the Cubs and continuously prove that, but they’d likely be an asset to any team they join.

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