DeAndre Hopkins Tweet subtly admits Patrick Peterson is right about Kyler Murray

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins came to Kyler Murray’s defense… sort of.

Cornerback Patrick Peterson, a former Arizona Cardinals teammate of Kyler Murray’s who now plays for the Minnesota Vikings, threw some shade at Kyler Murray this week.

On the “All Things Covered” podcast that Peterson hosts, he made claims that Murray was (and perhaps, is) selfish and doesn’t care about anything other than, well, Kyler Murray. I.e. he’s not a team player.

In response, Murray said it wasn’t true and criticized Peterson for not speaking to him directly about the way he feels about the QB:

DeAndre Hopkins came to Kyler Murray’s defense in very weak fashion

On Wednesday night, Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins Tweeted this:

It’s cryptic, but if we connect some dots, we can assume it was probably related to the dialogue on Murray, which was ongoing at around the time he Tweeted it on Wednesday night. Hopkins also “liked” Murray’s Tweet above.

While, at first glance, it looks like Hopkins is coming to Murray’s defense, it actually comes off another way when you break it down.

Hopkins — if the Tweet here was actually about Murray — kept this intentionally cryptic. But if he really felt like Peterson’s critique on Murray was wrong, he didn’t even shut that part down. Hopkins simply suggested it was the wrong time to do so since it was akin to kicking, “a man when he’s already down”.

If we’re on point with our assumption about what the Tweet was about, it also suggests Hopkins believes his quarterback is down in the first place. That part is pretty much objectively true, with the Cardinals down as a whole, sitting at 4-8 on the season so far.

It’s pretty telling that when Peterson says something so bluntly critical of Murray, the best a teammate can say in Murray’s defense is just that it was an inappropriate time to say it.

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