“Deshaun is one of the last guys I ever expected this to come from” – Ex-Houston Texans teammate in disbelief about Watson alleged sexual misconduct

The Deshaun Watson saga continues to drag on. We are currently waiting for an announcement regarding a potential suspension following the 24 civil suits filed against him. 20 of the 24 sexual misconduct cases have been settled and it is now up to Judge Sue Robinson to determine a suitable punishment for Watson.

When the news first dropped regarding the allegations, it was shocking. Jason Bristol of KHOU 11 News Houston was front and center in the media frenzy.

He spoke on the Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show and detailed that he spoke to a former teammate of Watson’s. The teammate stated that the quarterback was the last person that he expected to face these allegations.

Bristol said:

“I spoke to one player after all this went down who again said, that Deshaun would of been one of the last guys I would of ever expected this to come from.”

He continued:

“He was the quarterback, he was a guy who gave presents to his offensive linemen, who opened up a cheese steak store here in Houston and this was during the COVID pandemic, at the height of it. And some players were not wearing masks and he went and apologized and went and paid all of their fines.”

Bristol added:

“So he was a guy who hurt himself and had to take the bus. I think he had some damaged ribs and he took a bus to Jacksonville from Houston because obviously the pressure in an airplane would of perhaps been a dicey thing for him in terms of transportation.”

Bristol finished by saying:

“Deshaun Watson is a guy who is arguably one of the best college players we’ve seen. Most successful in recent history and he was walking the walk and not really talking the talk, but he was walking the walk. We had no indication that the players felt any differently him than any player would feel about their star quarterback.”

What’s next for Deshaun Watson and the Browns?

Deshaun Watson Press Conference
Deshaun Watson Press Conference

It has been reported that the NFL is pushing for a year-long suspension for the Browns quarterback. Clearly, there will be some pushback from the player’s camp and some have even argued that he “served” his time when he missed the entire league season.


The immediate future of the 26-year-old hangs in the balance and it is widely thought that he will miss time this season. What that means for the Browns and their Super Bowl aspirations is clear. Should the 26-year-old miss the entire season, Cleveland’s quest for a Lombardi Trophy will likely be over before it starts.


That is not to say that the likes of Joshua Dobbs and Jacoby Brissett can’t take the franchise to the NFL’s penultimate game, but it is doubtful. Like the rest of the NFL community, we wait with baited breath to find out just how long the former Texans star will miss this upcoming season.

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