Deshaun Watson update: Texans sued for ‘enabling’ his behavior

The Houston Texans are now being sued for their involvement in the Deshaun Watson cases.

On Monday morning, news broke that the Houston Texans are now being sued for their role in the Deshaun Watson sexual misconduct cases.

Watson may no longer play for their moribund AFC South franchise, but they were his former employer when everything went down. The lead prosecutor in these cases, Tony Buzbee, did follow through on his word to sue the Texans franchise for their role in enabling their former franchise quarterback. This lawsuit was filed by Toi Garner, whom Watson requested a massage from in 2020.

Garner alleges Watson assaulted and harassed her, among other far more disgusting things, while also alleging that the star quarterback brought a nondisclosure agreement to the massage session that the Texans organization provided him.

“Today we filed the first case of what will likely be many against the Houston Texans related to Deshaun Watson’s behavior,” said Buzbee in a press release. “Suffice it to say, the overwhelming evidence collected indicating that the Houston Texans enabled Watson’s behavior is incredibly damning. We believe the Texans knew or most certainly should have known of Watson’s conduct. Beyond that, we believe the filing speaks for itself.”

The Texans are not only aware of the lawsuit, but provided this statement shortly after the fact.

“We are aware of the lawsuit filed against us today. Since March 2021, we have fully supported and complied with law enforcement and the various investigations. We will continue to take the necessary steps to address the allegations against our organization.”

Even after 20 of the 24 civil cases against Watson were settled, it is only getting worse by the day.

Deshaun Watson case: Houston Texans are now a part of the ongoing lawsuit

With the Texans now being part of the lawsuit, this is only going to get uglier. There is no chance Watson plays a down for the Cleveland Browns this season. The NFL is almost certainly going to suspend Watson indefinitely. This means he will not have played a game at the highest level since he was with the 2020 Texans. As for Houston, they may have other problems on their hands from this.

The Texans may be fully in the midst of a rebuilding process, but what happens if they are found culpable in enabling Watson during his rampant sexual misconduct under their watch? This could go far beyond losing draft picks. Providing Watson with nondisclosure agreements to hand out during massage sessions like they are concert fliers should rile you up like nobody’s business.

Regardless, the Texans will have their day in court, or they may end up settling this case like the 20 civil suits Watson just settled. Ultimately, all this does is make the Texans look even worse as an organization. They have been a tire fire in recent years, but they are only festering into a grease fire with each passing day. Having an NFL team involved in Watson’s mess says everything about the franchise.

Either the Texans were complicit in this, or they were shamelessly negligent about what was going on.

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