Dez Bryant freaks out after CeeDee Lamb’s catch was ruled out of bounds

CeeDee Lamb nearly made one of the best touchdown catches we’ve seen in recent years. But did the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver get robbed?

CeeDee Lamb has emerged as the No. 1 wide receiver on fantasy teams across the country, though he’s earned that role on the Dallas Cowboys for quite some time. On Thursday night, Lamb made one of the best catches of the season — except it didn’t count.

Lamb appeared to be just one heel, or foot, perhaps, away from making an elite touchdown catch to cap a Dallas drive. Instead, after a Mike McCarthy challenge, Lamb was confirmed out of bounds.

What is a catch in the NFL?

Per the NFL’s rulebook, the simplified catch rules state a player must have “control the ball, get two feet or another body part down, and make a ‘football move,’ like a third step/reach reach for the line to gain; or the ability to perform such a move.”

In Lamb’s case, a heel was out of bounds, technically.

Was CeeDee Lamb robbed of a catch?

While Cowboys fans were convinced that CeeDee Lamb was robbed of a catch, that’s a tough argument to make given the amount of time the officials took to review the incident. Dez Bryant, who had another infamous no-catch in Cowboys history, was floored by the ruling.

Bryant’s no-catch occurred in the postseason, so there was a little more on the line. It also created far more controversy.

As for Lamb, he made two one-handed grabs in the span of less than a quarter. While one of those didn’t count, Lamb is clearly stepping up his game in a critical contest for Dallas. With a win, they put some breathing room in between themselves and the New York Giants in the NFC East.

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