“Disrespectful” – Eric Bischoff blasts AEW star for taking a shot at WWE legend Hulk Hogan

WWE legend Eric Bischoff has explained what caused the start of his real-life feud with CM Punk and called the AEW star a “disrespectful guy.”

The former WWE RAW General Manager has argued with Punk over the last few weeks on social media and the former’s podcast. Bischoff went as far as to call the AEW star the “biggest financial flop in the history of wrestling.”

While speaking on his After 83 Weeks show, Bischoff stated that Punk’s disrespectful comments towards Hulk Hogan did not sit well with him.

“A lot of the comments I made, the shots I took at CM Punk, is just because I think he’s a disrespectful guy. If you’re going to get yourself over, go out and get yourself over. But if you’re going to go out – and for example – in his very first promo, first thing you do is go out and talk about what a piece of shit Hulk Hogan is. Well, guess what, CM Punk doesn’t know Hulk Hogan. How does he know that? He doesn’t know that,” said Bischoff. [41:10 – 41:33]

Bischoff continued that The Second City Saint’s disrespectful comments towards Hogan were unwarranted as he has never worked with the legend.

“If CM Punk would’ve worked with Hulk Hogan or knew Hulk Hogan and he had that opinion, that’s his opinion. But if you don’t even f***ing know somebody and you’re going to go out there and try to get yourself over in your very first interview by burying somebody who has contributed so much to this business, and is probably partly responsible for you even having the opportunity that you have to talk your s**t, I find that to be disrespectful,” said the Hall of Famer. [41:52 – 42:15]

You can check out the episode below:

Bischoff further stated that he didn’t criticize Punk after his comments about Hogan out of respect for AEW and Tony Khan. But the Hall of Famer decided to go after the Second City Saint when Punk said him signing with the promotion was a bigger deal than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash going to WCW.

WWE legend Hulk Hogan and CM Punk have had a feud for years

Hogan took a sly dig at Punk years ago after the latter was let go by WWE. More recently, the AEW star took a shot at Hogan when he picked Stone Cold Steve Austin over the Hall of Famer.

Punk said when comparing eras and box office numbers, Stone Cold is a bigger star than Hogan.

There doesn’t seem to be an end to the ongoing war of words between Bischoff and Punk, and it will be interesting to see how the latter responds to the WWE Hall of Famer’s recent comments.

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