“DJ LeGoldglove” “Better than Teixeira in my books” – New York Yankees fans in awe after first baseman DJ LeMahieu lays out for a beautiful diving catch 

New York Yankees first baseman D.J. LeMahieu reminded everyone tonight why he’s a former Gold Glove Award winner. He can leap, dive, and grab balls that other first basemen simply wouldn’t have a chance on.

In the bottom of the first inning at Petco Park, LeMahieu made himself at home on the first base line by laying himself out to catch a stray ball off the bat of Pirates hitter Jack Suwinski. Being a left-handed hitter, Suwinski lined it hard right down the line. It looked like it would be an easy double at least.

LeMahieu was perfectly set up for it. He was lined up just a few feet off the foul line. He reacted as soon as the ball left the bat and dove to make the grab. He was up in a flash and raced Suwinski to the bag, beating him by just a hair.

The last time LeMahieu won the Gold Glove Award was in 2018, but he looked like his younger self tonight in Pittsburgh. He also owns an immaculate fielding percentage at first base this season, meaning he’s yet to make an error while manning the bag.

New York Yankees fans immediately sounded off on Twitter. Some hailed him as his former Gold Glove-winning self.

LeMahieu has won the Gold Glove Award three times, in 2014, 2017, and 2018.

@Yankees Better than Teixeira in my books.

LeMahieu hasn’t tallied enough starts at first base this season to qualify for the award there, but he has for third base.

New York Yankees fans praise DJ LeMahieu for his first base fielding abilites after making a diving grab

New York Yankees infielder D.J. LeMahieu owns a 1.000 fielding percentage at first and second base this season.
New York Yankees infielder D.J. LeMahieu owns a 1.000 fielding percentage at first and second base this season.

LeMahieu is a second baseman by trade, but he’s quite comfortable anywhere in the infield.

With 290 innings at third base and 192 at second, LeMahieu is clearly more comfortable away from first base, where he’s only recorded 76 innings. However, he owns almost-immaculate fielding percentages at each base.

@Yankees That’s my first baseman… wait?

At third base, where he logs most of his defensive time, LeMahieu owns a .990 fielding percentage.

With Anthony Rizzo out, LeMahieu’s infield versatility is coming in handy for the Yankees.

@Yankees One of the few good things about having Rizzo out

The New York Yankees get plenty of media for their offense, but their defense is elite, too.

It really doesn’t matter where he plays: D.J. LeMahieu is just good at baseball.

DJ LeMahieu is so good everywhere he plays

At the time of writing, the Yankees are down 0-1 against the Pirates in the fourth inning.

Edited by Jodi Whisenhunt

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