“Does KD hate me? Or really like me?” – Nick Wright on his ongoing Twitter feud with Kevin Durant, says he’s never stepped out of bounds with his criticism

Kevin Durant and Nick Wright have gotten into heated exchanges in the past and, as Durant has continued to jaw at Wright, the latter is starting to wonder if it is like or hate.

Wright, being a sports analyst, has often talked about Durant, and it got to a point where the Brooklyn Nets forward had to say something. Their exchange started on April 1, after Nick said he felt bad for Durant for always being second.

Don’t feel bad for the god. Life has been incredible little Nicky 😁…

KD was not having it, sending a reply and asking the TV personality not to feel bad for the “god.” It continued from there, with Durant having the final say, calling Nick a peasant.

With recent developments, it seems like KD is not done with the analyst. The two-time champion was asked how he felt about a segment and Durant replied:

“I didn’t see it, but I’m sure it was a trash segment. U could do Nicky’s job.”

In an attempt to figure out why he is getting so much bashing from KD, Nick asked:

“This is my question, and this is what I can’t figure out. Does KD hate me? Or really like me?

“I have been mean at times to Durant. But I’ve never been out of bounds. I’ve never been unfair. I didn’t participate when people were making fun of his ankles. I thought that was out of bounds.”


Getting personal with trash-talking is always a no-no and Nick has clarified that he tries to never go there.

Kevin Durant has called out media personalities in the past

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics.
Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics.

Durant is not one to shy away from trolls. He has been seen on several occasions having exchanges with fans on the social media platform, Twitter. Although Nick is the latest, the forward has had it out for other media personnel in the past.

Last month, Durant got into it with TV personality Skip Bayless. He tweeted “I really don’t like you” even as Bayless heaped praise on him.

I really don’t like u…

Even as Kevin Durant stays active on Twitter, he never fails to deliver on the floor. You can count on him for production every other night as long as he is healthy.

Unfortunately, we witnessed an entirely different situation in the Nets’ first-round matchup against the Boston Celtics in the playoffs. The Celtics successfully shut down Durant in the first three games, holding the former scoring champ to one of the worst shooting percentages of his career.

Although he turned on the burners in Game 4 despite the intense defense on him, it was a little too late for the Nets. Boston swept the series, sending KD and Kyrie Irving home to register the only sweep in the 2022 playoffs’ first-round.

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