Don’t lump Adam Wainwright in with Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina retirement

While the St. Louis Cardinals honored all three of Adam Wainwright, Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols, the former has yet to commit to those future plans.

Molina and Pujols played in their final St. Louis regular-season home game on Sunday, and the pair got a standing ovation as they were pulled together, along with Wainwright.

While it’s tough to see Waino pitching to anyone besides Molina at this juncture, he hasn’t officially committed to retiring at the end of the season. Perhaps he’s waiting to see how St. Louis plays in the postseason, as a World Series would be a heck of a way to go out.

When asked if he would play beyond 2022, Wainwright responded with a comical “you never know,” per MLB insider Jon Morosi.

Could Adam Wainwright return to Cardinals in 2023?

Wainwright was included in the majority of Cards messaging and advertising throughout the season, suggesting that he, Molina and Pujols would be retiring together. St. Louis even ran a video series called ‘The Last Inning’.

More recently, though, Wainwright has been absent from these promotions. Fans could sign a poster prior to the Cardinals final series against St. Louis thanking Pujols and Molina for their time in St. Louis. Where was Wainwright?

Even Oli Marmol stated a simple fact — that Pujols and Molina had announced they were retiring. With that, he’d like to end the season the right way.

“Real quick. With Albert and Yadi announcing , you guys this is your last run, it ends in a special way, alright? It’s supposed to end with a championship,” Marmol said.

Where was Wainwright?

While his last few starts haven’t gone according to plan, Wainwright had been a major contributor to the Cardinals rotation in 2022. He’ll get at least one postseason start, most likely. Does that sound like a pitcher who couldn’t come back for 2023 if he wanted?

Let’s pause the retirement talk for now.

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