Dr. Stone: Anime Expo set to host one-hour special episode

Dr. Stone fans are in for a treat as the series will be premiering a one-hour special episode soon.

The episode will be screened at one of the biggest anime conventions in the world, Anime Expo, which takes place in Los Angeles every year.

Anime Expo is a popular convention that hosts fans from across the world and is home to some of the best cosplaying events. It will also be attended by some of the most popular anime content creators, such as Gigguk (Garnt), The Anime Man (Joey) and CDawgVA (Connor).

Here’s what we know about the upcoming special episode of the Dr. Stone series.

Slight changes made to staff for Dr. Stone special episode

While the special episode is scheduled to air on July 10, 2022, on Tokyo MX and BS11, it will hit the screens earlier during the Anime Expo convention.

The episode will be screened in the Main Events Hall on July 3, 2022, at 10:00 Pacific Daylight Time.

Anime Expo will begin on July 1, 2022, and go on until July 4, 2022. The convention has a ton of events and stalls lined up, and some events will take place simultaneously.

Anime-Expo 2022 schedule is live:…(6 cancelled events, Crunchyroll premieres, Made in Abyss premiere, Dr. STONE Ryusui premiere, Summer Ghost premiere, The House of the Lost on the Cape premiere, Call of the Night premiere, Trigger announcements)

A slight change was made to the staff responsible for the upcoming special episode of Dr. Stone.

Previously, Shinya Iino was responsible for the direction and storyboarding of the series. However, Shuhei Matsushita, who previously worked on titles such as DEEMO Memorial Keys, replaced him for the special episode.

Yuichiro Kido, who previously worked on titles such as Fruits Basket and Blue Exorcist, returned to write and oversee the script.

Yuko Iwasa also returned as the character designer on the special episode. He previously worked on numerous Detective Conan titles and Astro Boy (2003).

TMS Entertainment is the studio responsible for the special episode.

Dr. Stone plot


Taiju Oki was finally ready to confess his love to his crush when a bright green light flashed across the world and turned everyone into stone.

Taiju wakes up thousands of years later and realizes that the modern world no longer exists and that nature has flourished in the interim. He later discovers that his science-loving friend, Senku Ishigami, had been awake for a few months.

Senku tells Taiju about his plan to revive humanity and civilization through science. Senku’s beliefs and ideologies are questioned by those he chose to awaken. All of this unfolds while the world fails to understand the reason why people turned into stone.

The Dr. Stone series already has two seasons. It will get a third season in 2023.

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