Dragon Age 4 has “no chance” of releasing in 2022, according to an inside community rumor

Recent sources and insiders suggest that BioWare’s upcoming fantasy role-playing game, Dragon Age 4, is very unlikely to drop in 2022.

The latest entry to the beloved franchise is a long way coming, and fans should not be expecting an official release date before 2023.

In a recent tweet, an industry insider who goes by the handle of Tom Henderson has revealed that, as per a particular source’s claims, there is “no chance” the next Dragon Age title will drop this year.

A source with knowledge of EA’s plans has said there’s “no chance” that Dragon Age 4 will release in 2022.

Henderson is notorious for how accurate his leaks and insider information are, and his recent tweet has led many to believe that it is highly unlikely that the much-anticipated title will be launched this year.

When can fans expect Dragon Age 4 to have its official launch?

As some community members have pointed out in the thread, BioWare usually releases games every two years. With Anthem and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition respective releases in 2019 and 2021, it’s highly likely that 2023 will be the year when the next entry to the Dragon Age franchise will reach fans.

As per the developers’ release pattern, 2023’s summer or fall seasons seem like the strongest contenders for hosting Dragon Age 4’s official release date.

@_Tom_Henderson_ Ill wait another 5 years if it means the game is well written and the gameplay is smooth, im impatient as all hell but this is my favorite franchise and i’d hate for them to rush to finish it in a timeframe and then the game is a flop

The upcoming title will be a single-player, role-playing adventure that will very likely be narrative-driven. And while it might seem a bit odd after looking at previous entries in the franchise, it’s important to mention here that at one point EA did play with the idea of a connected, live-service model for the game.

Fortunately, that will not be the case, and fans are quite excited about the upcoming title, and they do not want BioWare to rush it in any way.

Additionally, even if Dragon Age 4 does not drop in 2022, it doesn’t mean that the game will not have an official trailer or reveal in the coming months. E3, Summer Game Fest, and The Game Awards will be the ideal time for BioWare to reveal more about the next Dragon Age than just the concept art that has been showcased so far.

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