Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero leak reveals Final Gohan with startling similarities to Ultra Instinct

With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero midnight screenings just letting out in Japan, the first wave of spoilers for the movie are beginning to appear. With that comes the reveal of a new form for Gohan dubbed “Final Gohan,” debuting in the final act of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The form is incredibly well designed, and appears more nuanced than simply a version of Super Saiyan or Potential Unleashed. It seems that as of now, this exclusive Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero form will elevate Gohan’s power and relevance to levels not seen since the Cell Games saga.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down Gohan’s latest form from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, as well as fans’ reactions.

Latest leaks from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero show Gohan’s form resembling Ultra Instinct

Gohan’s latest form

GOHAN’S NEW FORM!! 😍🔥Its name is “Final Gohan.”Noticeable changes: White hair, Red eyes, SSJ hair (bangs in hair)The movie doesn’t explain this form, so wait for official articles for explanations.#SuperHeroSpoilers

As mentioned above, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero midnight screenings are beginning to end in Japan, bringing with them a plethora of leaks. One of the most significant and interesting ones reveal Gohan’s latest form, dubbed “Final Gohan.”

@DBSChronicles This sounds so sick! I can’t wait to see pictures of this form and I can’t wait to learn more about it. I bet it will look gas

As per a reputable Dragon Ball news source and Twitter user @DBSChronicles (Chronicles), the form comes to life “when nothing works against the Max Monster.” This lack of success apparently sends Gohan into a fit of rage, where he activates the Final Gohan form as a last resort.

Chronicles provides an edited version of an image of base form Gohan, changed to show how the new form looks. Per Chronicles, they have a friend who has seen the movie in Japanese theaters, and was able to describe the form and its inception.

Chronicles teased in early June that the movie included “the canonisation of a fan project,” which apparently seems to be Final Gohan. The “fan project” in question seems to refer to the Gohan Blanco form, which apparently started out as a meme but slowly became a genuine fan project, spawning several fan-made videos and art pieces.

Fans are having an absolutely electric reaction to the form, with nearly every single Twitter user sharing their excitement. While many are in pure disbelief that a fan-made form has seemingly been brought into canon, the majority consensus is delighted about the reveal.

Most importantly, however, the new form brings so much potential to Gohan’s role in the Dragon Ball franchise. For many, he was their favorite character throughout the Cell Games saga of Dragon Ball Z. However, those fans were disappointed in his decline from that point on. It seems that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has finally brought back the Gohan of old.

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