Elden Ring dataminer finds a wall in the Volcano Manor that harms players by poisoning them on contact

Elden Ring has a lot of secrets. There is still so much to be discovered in Lands Between that player is still finding something new in the title even after two months of its launch.

While some of these secrets were placed intentionally by the developers, many consider others nothing more than a glitch that FromSoftware needs to address in future updates.

SoulsBorne dateminer, who goes by the name of Zullie the Witch, recently discovered a wall in the Volcano Manor that slowly builds up the Poison status effect on them on contact with the player.

Walls and doors in Volcano Manor are notorious for acting differently from the rest of their counterparts in other areas of the map. While it’s hard to say if it was intentional on the part of the developers, players have not found much utilitarian purpose to these glitches that favored either lore or gameplay.

Zullie, the Witch, also feels that the wall in Volcano Manor causing Poison to build up is also nothing more than an error.

Volcano Manor wall error causes Poison to build up in Elden Ring


Elden Ring honestly does not have a shortage of things that want to harm the players. Everything in the game is out to kill the Tarnished, and it won’t be surprised if one runs into a door that chooses to harm them.

However, the door that Zullie finds in Volcano Manor is likely an error in the game files that is causing poison build-up in the players when they come in contact. The dataminer believes that this glitch involves the game’s Hit Material feature and how it might be similar to the one seen in Elden Ring’s poison swamps.

The dataminer explains that,

“Every surface across the entire game has to have a hit material applied to it, so they were bound to typo something somewhere.”


So it’s highly likely that there was a typographical error when it comes to this wall in the Volcano Manor. Previously, players had found walls within the manor itself that acted like illusory walls. However, players needed to hit it repeatedly to make it disappear.

These glitches are not intentional and FromSoftware might look to address them in future updates. It will be quite interesting to see what other glitches and secrets the community finds in the game.

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