Elden Ring PVP guide: How to master Feints in the RPG

During the initial days since its launch in February, many Elden Ring players believed that FromSoftware might have removed the feint mechanic from Curved Swords, as such a skill was not found in any Ash of War.

Where the kick became a part of the Ashe of War weapon art, players were at a loss to find the Curved Sword’s feint mechanic in the game.

Fortunately, the feature is not something that the developers removed from their latest RPG. The mechanics of doing a forward slash or thrust while retreating backward and damaging enemies is very much present in Elden Ring and is considered an advanced PvP technique in the game.

Many communities soon discovered that mechanics can perform differently. It only works for weapon types like the Curved Swords, Thrusting Swords, and Heavy Thrusting Swords.

Interestingly, this technique is not present in Curved Greatswords. However, the Bloodhound’s Fang does come with a similar mechanic to its Ash of War, in which players are interested.

It’s a bit hard to master. Players will know that they have performed the technique successfully when they see their Tarnished character taking a backflip and creating some distance from the enemy.

Mastering the Feint in Elden Ring


The Feint technique can only be used in weapon categories such as Curved Swords, Thrusting Swords, and Heavy Thrusting Swords. While having any of these weapon types equipped, the Elden Ring Tarnished will be required to press the dodge button right before executing a charge attack with the weapon.

It’s important to note here that if the attack has been successfully charged, then the Feint will not work, and players will perform the attack instead, leaving them wide-open to a follow-up from the enemy.

Additionally, Feints can also be performed with a second charge attack after successfully executing the first charge attack. It will require a similar button input, and Tarnished will need to spam the dodge button as soon as the animation for the second charged attack begins.


What makes this technique worth mastering is the amount of utility it brings to the table during duels and invasions. The direction of the maneuver can also be controlled relatively easily using the directional key, making it a pretty versatile moveset to master for multiplayer.

Feints are perfect against aggressive opponents in the game and are especially handy against those who love charging in with a Colossal Weapon.

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