Elon Musk-led Twitter will be removing character limitations from tweets, new monetization policy coming for content creators

Twitter has been undergoing some significant changes since it was acquired by Elon Musk. Some of them have been perceived negatively, including the massive layoffs, which have even seen lawsuits. Others seem to be more positive, with the new chief announcing the long-form introduction.

Musk has now acknowledged that the problems existing at the moment due to the limitations of characters will soon be removed. It needs to be clarified how the issue will be dealt with, and there could be different ways. It might be done via an extension system, like how Reddit works. Alternatively, the character limit for a singular tweet might also be removed.

Twitter will soon add ability to attach long-form text to tweets, ending absurdity of notepad screenshots

Ideally, this will mean users can go past the restriction on a tweet’s character limit. This has been a long-standing debate about whether such a change should be made, keeping recent times in mind. As of now, users have to take screenshots of long notes or make multiple tweets as a thread to divulge a greater volume of information.

More significant changes are coming to Twitter that will benefit those who use it for creative content. The social media platform will likely bring a new system that will allow creators to monetize their content. It remains to be seen how the change will be implemented and what exactly is meant by creative content in the first place.

Followed by creator monetization for all forms of content

Another important aspect will be understanding how the commercialization will work and what Twitter’s share will be. Existing platforms like Twitch and YouTube already have such models, and they take a cut out of a streamer’s income.

The deadline for both sets of changes seems to be around two weeks, as mentioned by Musk himself. Given the events, the officials will want to manage those tasks before bringing in a new system.

Twitter set to monetize the Blue verification

Twitter Blue is a premium service available in select regions of the world. It was introduced in 2021 at a monthly charge of $3, which was hiked to $5. There could be another increase as Musk looks to increase the platform’s profitability.

For the same reason, users will have to start paying $8 per month to maintain their verified profiles. These are easy to identify due to the signature blue tick beside their usernames.

Blue's new price system (Image via elonmusk/Twitter)
Blue’s new price system (Image via elonmusk/Twitter)

There were rumors about a $20 charge, but Elon Musk confirmed the actual rates himself. There have been plenty of debates and discussions about the implications of these moves.

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