Even Ryan Leaf has Jets jokes for ‘Mormon Ryan Leaf’

Mormon Ryan Leaf

Mormon Ryan Leaf
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Jets’ fans have not had a good week. As Al Michaels once so elegantly put it, “They’ve had a worse week than Harvey Weinstein.”

First, their offense gets obliterated by the New England Patriots’ defense. Yet, by some miracle, the Jets were still in the game down to the final whistle. Lo and behold though, as the Jets tried to punt the ball away and force overtime, the Patriots scored their first punt return touchdown since Gunner Olszewski’s glow-up game against the Chargers in 2020. After the game, the supposed franchise quarterback, Zach Wilson, blamed the defense for their loss, in which the Jets scored three points, need I remind you. He proceeds to get benched for Mike White, alleviating some of the pain Jets’ fans were feeling, but just when all was starting to look up, who else but the second-most infamous bust QB of all-time has to take to Twitter and annihilate every Jets’ fan in a 10-mile radius.

From the top rope, Leaf just dunks on this fan’s head with no remorse whatsoever. Think about the children, Ryan! Think about all the kids in middle school proudly wearing their…Mark Sanchez jerseys? What jerseys do young Jets’ fans wear nowadays? Like Sauce Gardner is a rookie, so he’ll have some but he’s not a throwback. Are there any viable throwback Jets’ jerseys? Nick Mangold? Darelle Revis? That’s just sad.

Back to the point, Ryan! You have to think about all the kids in their Jets’ memorabilia, happy to feel like a part of something bigger than themselves. They’re not going to want to be fans after getting a reality check from the guy drafted right after Peyton Manning! That said, I understand feeling the need to eviscerate strangers online. We’ve all fallen into that trap a time or two, and Leaf couldn’t have executed the attack any better.

Ryan Leaf

Ryan Leaf
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Without hesitation, Leaf attacked this man, Twitter user @RJBJrThe3rd’s entire point of being. I mean, his Twitter bio is literally “The Jets and Knicks are so good.” Sure, he’s only 20 years old, but that’s an adult. He’s taken Business 101, and as long as he was paying attention in class, he should’ve learned on the first day, that the relativity between “How much you fuck around” and “How much you’re going to find out” is a straight line. The more you fuck around, the more you’re gonna find out. And after getting in Leaf’s business, he found out real quick.

Immediately, the Twitter user was in defense mode, dropping the classic “STFU” on Leaf. He also made fun of an entire religion, which is never a good way to get the public on your side. It was an interesting maneuver. Did it pay off? Not at all. Leaf spent nearly three years in a Montana prison from March 2012 to December 2014 on burglary and drug charges. He was supposed to serve five years but got out early. Based on this Twitter thread, we can only assume he spent those days locked up thinking about how sorry the New York Jets’ franchise was/is.

It’s hard to argue against Leaf. The Jets have lost nine straight against their division rival New England Patriots and 17 of their last 20. In the last ten years, they’ve never finished better than second in their division and have only one winning season. They haven’t reached the playoffs in that span, which can’t be said about every other team in their division. Across various seasons, the team’s leading receiver was Jeremy Kerley (twice), Quincy Enunwa, and a man who once claimed he was going to nut in a cop’s wife’s eye (twice as well). We also can’t forget about the butt fumble.

It’s been a sad existence, but I’ll give props to Jets’ fans, I haven’t seen too many bags on heads. You wear that ugly green jersey with pride, no matter what any fallen quarterback has to say. Maybe just leave the Ryan Leaf jokes to the professionals though.

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