EXCLUSIVE: Panthers’ Director of Performance, nutritionist Kate Callaway reveals the dietary changes stars like Christian McCaffrey, Matt Corral have to make when dealing with injuries 

Last season, the Carolina Panthers lost star running back Christian McCaffrey after Week 12 when he suffered an ankle injury in a match against the Miami Dolphins. The season before, they lost him after three games due to a shoulder injury that kept him out for most of the season.


Carolina Panthers’ sports nutritionist Kate Callaway spoke with Sportskeeda about what happens to a player’s diet when they are recovering and are less active. She said that for each player, it is different but pointed out how getting enough protein is essential.

“I can’t say specifically to everybody because it always does vary but there are baseline nutrition tactics that we utilize for injury recovery and one is getting enough calories, like a lot of guys think I’m injured, you know, I might need to adjust my calorie intake, and there is, there is a slight need to adjust, but it’s usually not as drastic as they might think, and then making sure they get enough protein.”

Callaway added that the players don’t experience much muscle loss due to supplements such as collagen, vitamin D and C, and by focusing on certain supplements and amino acids.

“We don’t experience muscle loss during injury recovery and then some supplements like collagen, vitamin D, vitamin C, other things that help rebuild certain types of amino acids. It’s also to help rebuild and accelerate the rebuild of tissue with a proper diet.

“Those are the things. We’ll, prioritize the hydration too. It’s honestly, it’s kind of a lot of the similar structure that we want them to do for their performance in general, but there’s a different emphasis on certain supplements and amino acid profiles in protein and carb intake off injured.”

Carolina Panthers rookie Matt Corral is a player that will have to follow this regimen as he is out for the season

Carolina Panthers v Washington Commanders
Carolina Panthers v Washington Commanders

Rookie third-round quarterback Matt Corral will have to follow the regimen recommended by Callaway.


The first-year quarterback will miss the entire 2022-23 NFL season as he suffered a lisfranc injury to his foot in the pre-season.

Corral was expected to be the third-string quarterback for the team but will now sit on the sidelines and be on injured reserve for the season.

Corral will have to maintain his body while he’s in recovery with rehab, and making sure he eats the right amount of protein. He will also have to ensure he maintains the same caloric intake and uses supplements.

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