F1 champion Max Verstappen crashes out of 24 hours of Le Mans Virtual on stream 

Formula One driver Max Verstappen has been eliminated in the 24 hour Le Mans Virtual, an endurance racing competition where players drive around a virtual track for a full day straight, getting as many laps completed as possible.

As winner of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Verstappen brought real-life experience to the fictional race. His performance on the track was great, passing other players and handling the occasion with ease, but it seems he became too comfortable and started driving more recklessly.

This led to his crash against a wall, where he lost his rear left wheel, immobilizing him and disqualifying him from continuing the race.

Max Verstappen crashes in Le Mans Virtual

The crash was due to a corner being taken too fast, as well as the tires losing traction on the road, causing the car to lose control and crash against a wall. Commentators were shocked at the crash, but quickly understood why it happened:

“Oh no! The rear left wheel went “Nah see ya mate.” He was faster through there than anyone else, he used too much curb. That’s tragic!”

While Max Verstappen was able to win his races in real life, it seems the digital replica proved to be too much for the racer. Perhaps it was the lack of consequences for flubbing a corner that led him to drive so recklessly, or perhaps it was his ambition to win that blinded him.

Reddit chimes in on Max Verstappen’s crash in Le Mans Virtual

Some users on Reddit shared their reaction, two of whom were excited at the prospect of real life racers participating in the digital version of the sport.

However, one user decided to bring up his distaste for the racer, expressing his grievances for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix results.

This comes from the previous race having a controversy surrounding its results. Many claimed that it was rigged by the people responsible for making the rules. Claims of rules being switched in the middle of the race were touted around. Many ridiculed the user, saying that this wasn’t the time or place to be bringing it up.

It’s quite clear that the audience didn’t much care for the past controversies, and was more thrilled by the prospect of athletes participating in their digital version of the sport.

With figures like Max Verstappen joining the race and providing legitimacy to the competition, it seems like digital F1 racing may have a bright future.

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