Fact Check: Has a former AEW World Champion left the company over CM Punk altercation?

Upon winning the AEW World Championship, CM Punk took to the post-All Out press conference to berate names like Hangman Page, Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks and Colt Cabana.

He described Hangman as an “empty-headed f**king dumb f**k” during his tirade against the co-founders of the promotion. Hangman had previously gone off-script in a promo ahead of Double or Nothing, which Punk felt undermined his status as the company’s top babyface to the potential detriment of event revenue.

Punk appeared to get Hangman back for his off-script comments, going into business for himself and calling out the Anxious Millennial Cowboy during a segment with Jon Moxley a week ahead of their maiden title bout. Hangman was unaware of the call-out and thus had no opportunity to answer the challenge.

As a result of the issues between Punk and Page, an ‘AEW announcement’ has been making the rounds through social media platforms that the latter has departed the promotion he helped build.

Hangman Page has not departed AEW as of yet

A doctored image has been circulating making it appear Hangman Page departed AEW
A doctored image has been circulating making it appear Hangman Page departed AEW

The above image has been making the rounds on social media, appearing on pro wrestling forums via Facebook. In the doctored announcement, it is claimed that Page exited the promotion following Punk’s words at the press conference. It is also mentioned that neither Kenny Omega nor the Young Bucks made their exits.

As it turns out, PWInsider reported that none of the three names mentioned have exited the promotion, with their report addressing the image making the rounds directly.

@AaronWrotkowski @davidbix “Page had already left the building, Sports Illustrated learned, which explains his absence from the altercation.”Hangman Page coming out of this like:

Out of all the names mentioned, including CM Punk, the former AEW World Champion is the only one currently not suspended from the promotion. The events of the press conference only escalated when Punk, Omega and the Bucks engaged in a physical altercation resulting in suspensions for all involved.

There is currently an internal investigation into the events that transpired to determine CM Punk’s future in All Elite Wrestling.

Furthermore, Punk sustained an injury in his title bout with Jon Moxley which is said to require surgery. The future of the title will need to be addressed during tonight’s episode of Dynamite, as announced by Tony Khan via his personal Twitter.

What do you make of the recent events that have transpired? Has CM Punk gone too far? Let us know in the comments below.

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