Fact Check: Is Chick-fil-A testing chicken wings in Atlanta?

Netizens are going gaga over news of the famous chain, Chick-fil-A, starting to sell chicken wings. News of the incident spread like wildfire on social media and has many people questioning the authenticity behind the claim.

A Twitter user, Patrick Simpson, posted a picture of a box with wings that says “Smoked Wings.” This box, a take-out box, has the chain’s logo and that was what started rumors of the chain beginning to sell chick wings.

The user who shared the picture said:

Chick Fil A in Downtown Nashville has Wings. This is not a drill

Is Chick-fil-A selling or testing wings now? Truth explored

With a number of claims being made online that the famous chain is testing or selling chicken wings, the internet is over the moon. A lot of people seem to have fallen for the rumor. The internet is claiming that the chain is testing new wings at their locations in Nashville, Tennesse and is also planning on trying it out at their Atlanta branches.

However, the news isn’t actually true.

Chick-Fil-A is currently testing wings only in Nashville right now. It’s scheduled to start In ATL sometime soon…👀 😎 🍗

While the chain hasn’t scrapped the rumors out, it is also true that it hasn’t made an official announcement about adding chicken wings to the menu. In fact, on a closer look at the image being circulated, a label is also seen and it reads:

“Prepared for you: Traditional Bone-In Wings, 8 counts with Lemon Pepper Seasoning.”

On top of this, the label is also marked ‘Special.’

Wings allegedly sold by Chick-fil-A says "Special" on the label. (Image via @EverythingGeorgia/ Twitter)
Wings allegedly sold by Chick-fil-A says “Special” on the label. (Image via @EverythingGeorgia/ Twitter)

In an attempt to debunk the truth, the Twitter post going viral did come from Nashville, which is where the Little Blue Menu is. This is an ode to the first Chick-fil-A that constantly kept switching its menu to please people and listen to their requests.

Their delivery service follows the same idea. So, it can be concluded that the Twitter post was most likely from Oufox Wings, one of the three restaurants working in conjunction with the chain.

In fact, in a press release in 2021, The Little Blue Menu said:

“This delivery-dream-come-true is coming soon with the launch of Little Blue Menu, a delivery kitchen concept that’s an affiliate of Chick-fil-A, Inc. Little Blue Menu will make its debut at a pilot location in Nashville, TN this fall. An Atlanta location will follow in 2022.”

Little Blue Menu launches an ode to Chick Fil A in 2021. (Image via Little Blue Menu)
Little Blue Menu launches an ode to Chick Fil A in 2021. (Image via Little Blue Menu)

In the same announcement, they hinted that they would have sumptuous bone-in wings with a garden-fresh salad and crispy waffle potato fries.

Thus, the wings are indirectly a part of a Chick-fil-A owned virtual kitchen – the Little Blue Menum which delivers the former as well as Flock & Farm, Garden Day and Outfox Wings.

Although the rumor left fans of wings and the chain ecstatic, the brand doesn’t intend on selling wings any time soon.

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