Famous Philadelphia pizza shop refuses to serve Astros players and staff

The Houston Astros tried to order from a famous Philadelphia pizza shop while in town, but the shop refuses to serve players and staff.

Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander didn’t give Philadelphia a warm welcome upon arrival, and Philadelphia didn’t give the Astros one, either. When the Astros tried to order catering for the team and staff from the famous Angelo’s Pizzeria, the store owner “said no to them.”

Though a bit extreme, it goes to show just how far Philadelphia residents will go to support their team. The Phillies haven’t been to the World Series since 2009 and haven’t had much of a playoff run since 2011, so the World Series games this season at Citizens Bank Park are all about the Phils.

Rest assured, there are plenty of places to eat in Philadelphia, as one would likely assume. The Astros aren’t going hungry before the game, but how unfortunate on their end that they don’t get to indulge in some delicious homemade pizza.

Astros aren’t having the best time in Philadelphia so far

The Astros arrived in Philadelphia for Game 3 on Monday, only to have the game get postponed until Tuesday night. With some extra down time, hopefully they prepared to face a loud and energetic Philadelphia crowd. They didn’t get to amp up with some of the best pizza in the city, so that may be a point of disappointment.

The Phillies are also extra hungry for success. They’ve heated up this postseason on offense, having the best results of any team in the playoffs. This postseason, they lead the league in runs (65), hits (97), doubles (28), home runs (17), RBIs (64), total bases (176) and walks (40).

They’re slashing .233/.306/.423 with an OPS of .729. They also haven’t lost a postseason game at home, so Houston’s time may get even worse. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to have Angelo’s Pizza to celebrate a win or cheer themselves up after a loss.

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