Fans overwhelmed after a Shinichiro cover in Tokyo Revengers volume 30 is confirmed

After almost a week of uncertainty, the cover of Tokyo Revengers has been announced. As expected by the fandom, the character featured on the cover will be Shinichiro, who has lately become one of the most important individuals in the franchise.

The last couple of chapters in the Tokyo Revengers manga series have mostly focused on the black-haired young man and his quest to save Mikey from his fate. As such, it is fitting for Ken Wakui to select such an iconic character for the cover of volume 30 of his manga. Continue reading to learn more about the cover and what fans have been saying on Twitter.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers manga series.

The three Sano brothers now have a cover in Tokyo Revengers each

30巻の表紙のデザインが上がりました!! というわけで今回のキャラの正解は真一郎でした!! みなさんわかったでしょうか?

The cover of Tokyo Revengers volume 30 includes an illustration of Shinichiro, who is wearing a long black coat, black pants, and no shirt. Both the coat and the pants have a floral pattern printed on them, with the coat’s pattern being a little more colorful on the inside. He is seen wearing his iconic hair while looking menacingly at the reader.

Behind him, several years can be spotted, referring to the fact that Shinichiro is a time-leaper. Most of the dates found behind the boy are associated with important events for Shinichiro and the fandom.

How did fans react to the cover of Tokyo Revengers volume 30?

The cover became an instant hit with fans of Ken Wakui’s manga series. Moments after its announcement, fans were already praising Wakui for his outstanding job on the cover image. The community spent months asking the creator to make a cover featuring the last of the Sano brothers, and it has finally been confirmed.

Most fans decided to simply enjoy the fact that Shinichiro is finally featured on the cover of the Tokyo Revengers manga. Shinichiro stans in particular were overjoyed after the news of the cover started spreading on Twitter.

DETALHES | Na roupa do Shinichiro tem referências aos desenhos encontrados nas roupas das 4 crianças(Mikey,Baji,Sanzu e Senju)

However, other fans noticed a trend in the Sano family’s clothing preferences. The covers featuring Mikey and Izana, as well as an illustration of Emma inside the manga, portray all the Sano siblings wearing a similar floral pattern. This is an important detail for fans, as all the members of the Sano family have died at some point in the manga.

Fans also compared the cover of Tokyo Revengers volume 30 with the one of volume 22. Both images feature one of the confirmed time-leapers. Both Shinichiro and Takemichi are depicted with the years they have supposedly time-traveled back at some point.

if shin’s inside is baby mikey and little shinichiro i will be so emotionally destroyed

i guess the inner cover will be mikey since he’s the one shinichiro started all this for, but it could also be him with mikey, emma and his grandpa 🥹

The community speculates that the inside cover of volume 30 will include an image of Mikey. The fandom arrived at this conclusion because Hina was the one featured on the inside cover of volume 22. At that point in the manga, Takemichi was still trying to save the girl. The person Shinichiro wants to save the most is his brother Manjiro.

Final thoughts

Shinichiro and his baby brother Mikey (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Shinichiro and his baby brother Mikey (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

The long-awaited Shinichiro cover has finally been revealed. This is extremely important for the community, as Shinichiro was the only main character without a cover until now. With the recent chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga centering around him, it was only a matter of time before this cover was announced.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that volume 30 does not contain all the chapters with Shinichiro as the main character. This means that volume 31, which will contain chapters revolving around the original timeline, could feature another important cover for the manga. We will have to wait and see what Ken Wakui is preparing for fans once this new cover is released.

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