FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: How to complete the Breakout SBC in FUT 22

After a one-day sabbatical, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has introduced the Breakout SBC under the ongoing Fantasy FUT promo. These SBCs are easy to do and highly useful when there’s an active promo going on.

The Fantasy FUT promo has introduced thirteen excellent cards as part of Team 1 and others in SBCs. These cards have permanent upgrades over their base versions and could increase further in April on fulfillment of certain conditions.

There’s no guarantee of how many packs will be opened to get these cards. The only thing that a player can keep doing is opening the packs and hoping for the best.

They will get another eligible pack upon completion of the Breakout SBC. If a player is lucky enough, they might find a Fantasy FUT Team 1 item for their FIFA 22 Ultimate Team squad.

Task, cost and review of the Breakout SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Task of the SBC

Leagues: Min 3

Clubs: Min 4

Same Nation Count: Max 3

Squad Rating: Min 75

Team Chemistry: Min 70

# of players in the Squad: 11

The Breakout SBC will cost between 4,600-5,300 FUT coins to complete depending on the player’s platform. The cost of completion could be brought down to nearly zero due to the scope of the use of fodder.

Like the previous releases, the Breakout SBC is live in the game for less than 48 hours. Players can also complete it only once due to its non-repeatable nature.

Review of the Breakout SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team squad

Upon completing the Breakout SBC, players will get one Prime Electrum Players Pack. The low cost of the SBC coupled with the rewards is pretty useful. There’s a high chance that players will at least find some helpful fodder.

The fodder from these SBCs is useful in solving the more complex player item SBCs. The rewards on them are more valuable, but they also cost more.

Having useful fodder helps in reducing completion costs and makes it easier for the player. Hence, the Breakout SBC is a must-do for all players to find something valuable for their FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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