For a little bit we were complimenting or condemning Derrick White, then it was just time to celebrate Rihanna’s baby

“Rihanna had her babyyyyyyyy!”

“Rihanna had her babyyyyyyyy!”
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For a second there, Derrick White’s child was going to be the most interesting and discussed birth in the world. The Boston Celtics tweeted out shortly before 10 a.m. that Derrick White would be missing Game 2 due to personal reasons. That’s quite a blow to their roster the morning of Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. We should be able to leave well enough alone at this point and just accept that if White was going to miss the game, it’s important and his business. But it’s 2022. That’s no fun.

It was a first-time, long-time caller that provided some clarity. Joe from Boston called the Zolak and Bertrand Show on 98.5 The Hub. Joe said that his father was traveling back from Florida and was near White on the plane. The show then asked for pictures for proof. Joe came through with some clear pictures of White accompanied by a caramel frappuccino and a Louis Vuitton backpack at a window seat. The show then deduced that White flying back commercial could mean only one thing, he was going back to Boston to be by his wife’s side for the birth of their first child together. Ime Udoka confirmed this truth later in the day. He told the media that the child was coming early and he wanted to be with his wife. The child was due on May 22, according to NBA reporter A. Sherrod Blakely.

Earlier today, I was clearly not in favor of people snapping pictures of other people without their knowledge. I stand by that. Even though those pictures are the reason that I enjoyed a Boston sports radio segment for possibly the first time in my entire life, the guy is flying all the way up the east coast to be a good father and husband. I’m sure he would’ve preferred if Joe’s and his dad left him and his caramel frappuccino alone.

Fortunately for White, if he was indeed trying to keep a low profile, only the Boston Metropolitan Area will even remember that his wife is in labor. A couple of hours after Joe’s big scoop, TMZ reported that the child the world has been waiting with bated breath for has arrived. Rihanna gave birth to her and A$AP Rocky’s child. According to the report, the baby boy was born in Los Angeles on May 13 . I guess she and A$AP didn’t fly commercial around that time so no one was able to call Power 106 and break the news 2004 style. Anyway, congratulations to the couple, and you Rihanna fans still holding out hope for an album, learn to be satisfied with the new Fenty releases.

Also, congratulations to White and his wife — and to social media for being overwhelmingly on his side and going after some of the “traditionalists” who thought that it was more important for White to provide his defense and try to get his jump shot going for the Celtics, rather than be present for his family. Hopefully you White wasn’t enjoying being a major social media conversation today, because that time has passed. He went from possibly a GMA story tomorrow, to being a The Hub talk radio topic and only if the Celtics lose tonight.

Rihanna swooped in and stole the show and did it when she was damn good and ready, almost like those concerts she used to have that aren’t coming back anytime soon (I can’t help myself. There are people out there holding onto hope that a billionaire is going to go through the album creation process and then have people critique it. She probably has some fire smoke session stuff at the crib that you’ll never hear though.)

Unfortunately Derrick, your child won’t share a birthday with Rihanna’s, but you’ll have quite a story to tell the sprout when old enough to understand.

“You know, you were a national story for a couple of hours when I rushed home from work because it was time for mommy to have you. You would’ve been famous, but TMZ told everybody that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s son was born. Also, I missed an Eastern Conference Finals game for you so when I say take out the trash, move quickly.’

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