Former Patriots star claims Jimmy Garoppolo a better playoff QB than Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts

Jimmy Garoppolo is often ignored when it comes to considering elite quarterbacks, but perhaps that’s an oversight. His teams generally win and he usually doesn’t play poorly. He’s led his team to a Super Bowl and an NFC Championship Game appearance in the last few years.

Rob Ninkovic, former New England Patriots star, is putting more stock in him than in more popular quarterbacks like Dak Prescott or Jalen Hurts.


Ninkovic said he’d rather have Garoppolo than either of them if it came down to it:

“I’m going with Jimmy Garoppolo because we’ve seen him in the playoffs. We’ve seen him in big moments and he’s been there. He’s actually played in a playoff games. These other guys, we don’t know what we’re going to expect from Jalen Hurts in the playoffs.”

He mentioned Prescott’s perceived big-game struggles:

“We don’t know how Dak’s going to look when the game’s on the line against the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly or the 49ers if they have to play the 49 ers. So I’m going with consistency. I’m going with winning percentages four and two in the playoffs.”


He continued, adding that the 49ers quarterback has better help now:

“I’ll take Jimmy G. They went in, they get McCaffrey to help Jimmy G and he’s literally came there. McCaffrey has come and been the savior, the go to guy. It’s going to help Jimmy G in the playoffs.”

It’s likely that all three quarterbacks will get a shot to prove themselves this year. If the season ended today, the Eagles would be the top seed, the 49ers would be third and the Cowboys would have the 5th seed as the first Wild Card team.

Playoff record of Jimmy Garoppolo, Jalen Hurts and Dak Prescott

Garoppolo does have a much better track record than Hurts or Prescott does thus far. Wins and losses can’t be totally attributed to a quarterback, but it’s hard to ignore the results.

In two seasons in the playoffs, the 49ers are 5-2 in the playoffs with their quarterback. The Cowboys have gone 1-3 with Prescott in the postseason.

Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers

Hurts, who was starting for the majority of the season last year for the first time, is 0-1 in his lone playoff game thus far.

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