Former Women’s Champion says she almost debuted in WWE as CM Punk’s manager

Former WWE Superstar Mickie James recently revealed that she almost debuted alongside CM Punk for the company.

James’ first run in WWE began in 2005, working with top star Trish Stratus. However, the company’s original plan was for her to work alongside Punk.

Speaking on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, the former Women’s Champion said she was initially upset that her planned debut with Punk was nixed:

“I was supposed to debut before and it was with CM Punk as his manager on Sunday Night Heat. I prayed so hard and I was so devastated in that moment when Hunter came back and he’s, like, ‘I like both of you guys, I just don’t see you together, it’s just weird.'” Mickie added: “But I was so devastated in that moment, but then I go, like ‘God, how different my career would have been if that was my introduction to the WWE Universe.'” (from 42:54 to 43:30)


Following her debut in 2005, James became one of the most successful female superstars in WWE history, capturing the Women’s title on five occasions.

How serious is CM Punk’s current injury?

Following his AEW World Title victory at Double or Nothing last month, CM Punk suffered an injury.

While there’s no clear time frame for his return, Dave Meltzer wrote in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the current AEW World Champion’s injury might be worse than anticipated:

“When they did the surgery, they found the injuries to the bones were worse than they expected, but with the surgery, they were able to fix everything up.” Meltzer continued, “(t)here is no timetable for his return past the belief it will be before the end of the year.” (H/T: Screen Rant)

While there’s no date for CM Punk‘s return, he will undoubtedly be welcomed by fans with open arms whenever he comes back to AEW.

If you use quotes from this article, please credit Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.

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