Former WWE referee thanks Natalya and Victoria for changing his life 

Former WWE referee Scott Armstrong has praised Natalya and Victoria for helping him at the start of his career with the company.

Scott Armstrong signed for WWE in 2006 where he began officiating matches on the newly revamped version of ECW. Whilst working on the newest iteration of the extreme brand, Armstrong also worked part time at a furniture store. With his job at ECW not guaranteeing him financial stability, the former referee questioned how long he was going to stay in the company.

Speaking to his real-life brother ‘Road Dogg’ Jesse James on the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Scott stated that the good words from WWE Superstars Natalya and Victoria led to him getting a promotion and ensuring his position as a referee.

“In my mind, I was already doomed and there sat Victoria and Nattie,” Scott said, as he walked into Laurinaitis’ office after the match. “[John Laurinaitis said], ‘The girls said you were their referee and you helped them out a lot.’ He said, ‘Thank you, ladies. Scott, you stay here with me.’ Man, he doubled my money and made me a SmackDown referee right then and there.” Armstrong added: “Those two girls changed [my life].” (H/T Wrestling Inc)

Victoria and Natalya’s act of selflessness led to Armstrong working for WWE for another 15 years. Today, he has since been released by the company after enjoying a very successful career with WWE.

Natalya is proud of the female WWE referees

As somebody who has been with WWE for 15 years herself, Nattie has seen many positive changes take place within the company.

A new feature that has been welcomed by WWE in recent years is that of female referees. For a long period, the profession was entirely male dominated, however, with individuals like Jessika Carr and Aja Smith now working full-time as WWE officials, things are changing for the better.

Writing for the Calgary Sun, Natalya stated how great it is to see people like Carr creating history as a referee.

“I love being able to work with strong, empowered women like Jessika Carr. Thank you for all you do, Jess. Let’s continue to create more history for women in WWE.”

As WWE’s first ever female full-time referee, Carr has officiated many important matches in recent years, including AJ Styles vs. Edge and Drew McIntyre vs. Happy Corbin, both of which took place at this year’s WrestleMania.

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