Fred Warner’s wife threatened by Eagles fans: ‘I didn’t feel safe’

The Philadelphia Eagles are a scary team in 2023. Their fanbase, as Fred Warner’s wife found out the hard way, is even scarier.

The Philadelphia Eagles stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, is a bit like your local friendly but semi-exclusionist watering hole. For regulars, the service is a step above cordial, banter fills the air, and everybody knows everybody’s name. Five stars all around. For outsiders, cold shoulders and death stares will drive any timid orderer out the door. The review: “Never coming back to this hell-hole again.”

49ers linebacker Fred Warner’s wife, Sydney Warner, was part of the latter group when she visited Lincoln Financial Field for the NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Eagles. Her team got blown out, 31-7, in a game doomed from the start when the 49ers lost quarterback Brock Purdy to injury.

Sydney Warner detailed her experience at the NFC Championship in a TikTok in which she said, “I just didn’t feel very safe.”

Warner elaborated:

“I’ll probably never go back to that stadium to be honest, I guess you can just call me a wimp, but I couldn’t handle the fans. Like I’m 100% down for like riding for your team, like ‘Hoorah, let’s go team,’ but honestly I just didn’t feel very safe.”

Some fans went so far as to say they hoped Warner’s “plane crashes,” which is admittedly over the top.

Fred Warner’s wife complains about Eagles stadium’s hostile atmosphere

Let’s get some facts straight here, though. Per the video, Fred Warner told his wife not to wear red to the stadium, and Sydney Warner still showed up with a red bag. She said she had to hide it underneath her jacket and that Eagles fans were cursing her out, but … what did she expect?

Warner’s wife also wasn’t the only one getting heckled in Philly. Los Angeles Chargers’ Joey Bosa, brother of 49ers star pass-rusher Nick Bosa, was trolled all game as Eagles fans showed him pictures of Trevor Lawrence on their phones (the Jacksonville Jaguars eliminated his team in the playoffs) and picked fights with him outside the stadium.

Is the majority of the Eagles fanbase a bunch of pole-climbing, bus stop-breaking, Santa Claus-pelting, and fire-starting hooligans who represent a menace to society? Yes. But their actions have, for the most part, been contained within the confines of Philly, and any outsider who dares enter the city during the NFL postseason would do well to follow the unwritten rules.

Don’t wear the wrong colors. Don’t put jerseys on Rocky. As a member of the opposing team, don’t expect celebrity treatment or five-star service at a championship playoff game.

The 49ers are scheduled for a road game against the Eagles next year, and Sydney Warner will probably sit that one out for everybody’s best interests.

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