Freddie Freeman’s first hit as a Dodger: Braves fans react

Freddie Freeman has his first hit as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers and it looks like Atlanta Braves fans aren’t too sure about how to feel.

The Los Angeles Dodgers finally got to debut Freddie Freeman in their lineup. With the season underway, Freeman finally got to play for his new team.

In addition to playing in his first game as a Dodger, Freeman also has his first hit for Los Angeles as well.

That has to be exciting for Freeman and for Dodgers fans!

But, well, how are Atlanta Braves fans feeling about this? How are they reacting to Freeman showing up and making plays for Los Angeles?

Atlanta Braves fans react as Freddie Freeman gets his first hit as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers

It looks like some folks are still interested in showing some support towards Freeman. It’s not an overwhelmingly large group online (at least not at the moment), but there are still some Braves fans who don’t appear thrilled that Freeman isn’t in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, it appears as if plenty of others are happy to be moving on to a new era with a new first baseman. Matt Olson already has a growing number of fans.

It’s totally possible that more Atlanta fans will soften a bit with the whole Freeman situation as time passes. It’s always really difficult when a franchise, for one reason or another, ends up losing a player who is a longtime fan favorite for your team. With the way the Freeman situation unfolded and ended in Atlanta, it’s not shocking that many Braves fans are happy to be moving on.

But, well, as time passes and Freeman gets closer to retirement, it seems likely that folks will focus on things other than Freeman leaving for Los Angeles.

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