Free Fire Advance Server OB35 ending date, APK download link, and Activation code guide

The consistent addition of new features to Free Fire has been one factor that has led to the game’s growth in recent years. Before each update, an Advance Server gets released, giving players a chance to test the features before they are released into the battle royale title.

The OB35 update is approaching soon, and the Advance Server for the same was made available recently. It has given individuals a glance at the upcoming game modes, a pet, a weapon, and mystery characters.

Users can access the particular server for a few more days, after which it will close down. Below are details regarding its end date, APK link, and more.

Note: Since Free Fire has been banned in India, users from the country are advised not to play it on their devices.

Ending date of OB35 Free Fire Advance Server

Timeline of the server (Image via Garena)
Timeline of the server (Image via Garena)

Free Fire OB35 update Advance Server started on 7 July, and it will be ending on 14 July. Accordingly, players have five days from today to try out the various components.

Whenever the server is taken down, all progress made will be lost and cannot be recovered. Consequently, the user’s currencies, characters, and everything else inside it will be deleted.

APK download link

Gamers can obtain the APK file for the Advance Server from its official website. The following is a list of steps that they can follow to complete the download process successfully:

Step 1: Open any web browser and search for “” Players can alternatively provide the link provided below:

Official Advance Server website: Click here.

Step 2: Upon reaching the website, individuals must sign in. They must use the method they used during the registration process.

Step 3: They can finally tap on the ‘Download APK’ option to begin the download process for the battle royale title.

Click Download APK (Image via Garena)
Click Download APK (Image via Garena)

The APK file for the Advance Server is 797 MB, and following installation, users will be required to download extra resources. As a result, they must first ensure that their device has enough free space to hold the Advance Server.

Step 4: Users can install the APK and use the ‘Guest’ option to log in. After doing so, they can enter the Activation code into the text field to gain access to the server.

Without the Activation code, players will not be able to access the Advance Server, and it is a must-have.

Activation code guide for Free Fire Advance Server

To receive the Activation code, users have to register themselves. The steps to complete the procedure are:

Step 1: Individuals should first use one of the two login options on the Advance Server website.

Step 2: They will then be redirected to a form where they must input their email address accurately.

Enter the email (Image via Garena)
Enter the email (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Gamers can finally click the ‘Join Now’ option to complete the registration. Once this is done, they can wait for a response from the developers.

It is important to note that registration does not guarantee an Activation code. Garena only provides this code to a limited number of players due to the restricted server capacity.

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