Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks: Yelan, Xiao and Kuki Shinobu banner release dates and 4-stars revealed

Genshin Impact’s upcoming banners have finally been leaked, and players can expect two powerful 5-stars to arrive in the game very soon.

Both Yelan and Xiao will be available for players to wish on later this month. The 2.7 update has taken a while to arrive due to delays. However, according to leaks, players won’t have to wait much longer for these new characters to be available.

Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks: Xiao and Yelan arriving soon

[2.7]Yelan + XiaoBarbara / Yanfei / NoelleYelan’s release in current data is 31st MayShinobu’s release in current data is 21st June

According to new leaks from Ubatcha, a reliable Genshin Impact source, players can expect Yelan and Xiao to arrive in the game by the end of the month. The two characters’ banner looks set to go live on May 31. Meanwhile, Kuki Shinobu is reportedly set to arrive on June 21.

Yelan is a Hydro 5-star archer who can support her allies well. Players have been waiting for her release ever since her initial teaser post. Now, they only have a short while left to wait.

congratulations to xiao for being the character with the fastest rerun

Xiao will also be featured during the first half of this update, taking the rerun banner spot alongside Yelan.

This may be surprising to some fans as Xiao was only rerun a few patches ago. However, thanks to a new artifact set that seems tailor-made for him, players may want to give him another shot during the rerun.

Xiao is a powerful Anemo 5-star polearm user who can dish out a ton of damage as a main DPS.

The 4-star characters on this banner are pretty solid choices. They can support Xiao well, though their synergy with Yelan is a little less certain.

The 4-stars are Barbara, Yanfei, and Noelle. Yanfei may work well with Yelan’s Hydro application to produce some powerful Vaporize reactions. Meanwhile, Barbara’s healing and Noelle’s shields can help keep a team healthy.

The weapon banners during the first half of this update aren’t currently confirmed. However, leaks have suggested that they will contain the Aqua Simulacra and the Primordial Jade Winged Spear.

Both of these weapons are amazing choices for Yelan and Xiao to take advantage of. Players with extra Primogems may want to pick up one of these two 5-star weapons from the banner.

Genshin Impact 2.7 is finally just a short while away and fans won’t want to miss out on Yelan when she releases.

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