Genshin Impact 2.8 nerfs Nobushi, Kairagi, and Specters

Genshin Impact has some incredibly tough foes in its hardest dungeons, and some of these enemies will get toned down in the latest update. The powerful Kairagi and Nobushi, along with the tanky elemental Specters will be getting hit with nerfs, allowing players to deal with them much easier.

These nerfs will be coming in a future update, and hit each of these enemies pretty hard. Fans will definitely want to see these nerfs as they will make some of the game’s toughest content much easier.

Genshin Impact leaks reveal upcoming nerfs to the Kairagi, Nobushi, and Specters

[2.8 Beta]As of the current beta, the Nobushi, Kairagi and specter enemies have also been nerfed to use the ATTACK_2 CurveFYI, the method I used in the QRT’d tweet below isn’t perfect since it doesn’t take into account the enemies base ATK but it’s a quick comparison to show.…

These new Genshin Impact leaks come from reputable source Ubatcha and detail changes to several of the game’s newer and tougher enemies. These include Specters, and the Nobushi and Kairagi. Nobushi and Kairagi in particular are well known for their hard-hitting attacks, and it seems like they will be having their damage toned down significantly during this update.

// genshin leaksactually!! here are the 3 specter pics we have~ new enemy

Specters will also be hit by this damage nerf, lowing their elemental output in battle. This will make dealing with them a lot easier, as in a swarm they can dish out a surprising amount of damage to an unsuspecting team. These enemies come in several elemental varieties, and the Electro and Pyro ones are especially dangerous in the Spiral Abyss.

[2.8 Beta]Along with the previously mentioned nerfs, the specters also had a Base HP nerf from a HP base of 27.168 to 21.7344

Specters will also have a base HP nerf, lowering their HP by a pretty significant amount. This is important to Spiral Abyss players, as these enemies were some of the biggest timesinks in the Abyss, with their Elemental resistances and tankiness causing players to lose important time as they took them down. Now it seems like they will be able to tank a lot less damage, saving crucial seconds in battle.

when both the kairagi went 🧎🧎i felt that

This isn’t the first nerf to the Kairagi or the Specters, and players may even see more in the future if these enemies continue to put up too much of a threat in battle. These nerfs will likely make future content a lot easier, especially battle-focused events like the Hyakunin Ikki. Players will still want to make sure they stay on guard around these powerful foes, but they won’t be as dangerous after the 2.8 update.

Genshin Impact 2.8 looks to tone down the damage from some of its toughest enemies, and fans will be able to take them on easily now.

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