Genshin Impact leak reveals new character voice lines about Kuki Shinobu

Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks have revealed new dialogue about Kuki Shinobu that showcases more of her unique personality and character. Shinobu is an upcoming Inazuman character that has been long-awaited by fans of Arataki Itto. This is because she is an integral part of the Arataki Gang and is the only person who can help keep Itto in line.

Shinobu seems to be someone who is very proficient in both law and management, and players can learn a lot about her from these voicelines. Fans can find these new voicelines here.

Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks: New voicelines about Kuki Shinobu

guess what…. new shinobu information yall so we have yanfei and sara voiceline about kuki shinobu!❤️❤️ i think we are this 🤏close to see her face!cr. shinobu main discord server

Genshin Impact 2.7 leaks have discovered two new voicelines about Kuki Shinobu that detail more information about this upcoming character. Shinobu has been leaked as a 4-star Electo healer, making her the first of her kind so far. She is an integral part of the Arataki Gang, keeping its members in line and its leader out of trouble.

Shinobu has been said to be quite the respectable individual herself though, and characters often mention her skill and usefulness. These new voicelines show off her intelligence, and fans may be surprised by the character it comes from.

These new voicelines come from both Yanfei and Kujou Sara, with Yanfei’s being an extended story about her dealings with Shinobu. According to her, Kuki Shinobu traveled all the way to Liyue as an exchange student specializing in the law. She would often do coursework together with Yanfei, and was very respectful and grateful for the help.

Unfortunately, just as she graduated and returned home, Inazuma went into lockdown, cutting the two off. Perhaps they will get the chance to meet again now that Inazuma has reopened its doors.

Thank you for the heads-up! There’s so many quests this time around.Yoimiya, Arataki Itto, Thoma, Kujou Sara, Sayu, Raiden Ei, Sangonomiya Kokomi and Gorou also appear in the event!…

Kujou Sara’s dialogue mentions that Shinobu is a highly qualified and talented individual who could do a lot of good for the Tenryou Commission. However, she laments that it is a shame she joined the Arataki Gang, meaning the two are forced to operate on opposite sides of the law.

Still, she respects Shinobu’s ability to keep the gang in line and prevent them from causing too much trouble. It seems that Kuki Shinobu must be incredibly skilled, especially if she has caught the eye of the Tenryou Commission.

Genshin Impact still has tons of characters that are unreleased, and it seems that Kuki Shinobu may be officially revealed soon.

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