George Russell broke his headrest with his head-banging when he beached during Brazilian GP qualifying

George Russell broke his headrest with his head-banging when he beached his Mercedes during the Brazilian GP qualifying on Saturday.

The Mercedes driver said that his trip to the gravel was not the best for the car, as he damaged the headrest. Reflecting on his qualifying session, Russell said:

“This is what Formula One and sport is about to have some crazy results like this. But P3, a good place for us to start tomorrow. I have broken the headrest because my head was banging so much. It was a pretty unpleasant experience. I wanted to do a 360 but then did the rears in the gravel, so probably not the wisest choice I have ever made.”

Huge congrats to KMag and Haas on their first pole. Not the way we wanted our Quali session to finish but starting P3 in tomorrow’s Sprint is a good place to be 👍

George Russell added that for everyone, it all came down to the first lap they did. The Mercedes driver was able to salvage a P3 starting position for the sprint, saying:

“As it turned out, we knew that first lap was it all. There was no damage, but you are always tentative, as it is lifted onto the tow truck, and there is a lot of gravel, so the guys are going to have to take the car to pieces to night to make sure we have got all of the gravel out, but it should be ok.”

George Russell added that he has mixed emotions, as he expected a better result from the session, saying:

“I think probably more mixed emotions because we were obviously one of the last cars to go out in Qualifying, and it was such a unique experience because as the lap progressed, the rain was just falling harder and harder. I got to the last corner, and it was wetter than it was the lap before, so you had to be really tentative. But massive congrats to Kevin and Haas.”

George Russell’s teammate reflects on poor qualifying position for sprint

George Russell‘s teammate Lewis Hamilton could not put together a better result, as he will start the sprint in P8.

Reflecting on the session, Hamilton said:

“I went out there to see what the conditions were like, but obviously it was properly wet. It is motor racing. It was just difficult to see the conditions, difficult to see the rain drops because it was so dark, and I was the last car out, so I think I got the earliest part of the rain and probably lost too much in the tyres in the pitlane. Just a bit unfortunate, but George did a great job and congratulations to Kevin.”

It will be interesting to see what both Mercedes drivers are able to accomplish in the sprint.

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