German footballer playing for one of the ‘most successful’ Bundesliga clubs arrested in Ibiza for allegedly raping Spanish teenager: Reports

An undisclosed Bundesliga player has been arrested on suspicion of raping a Spanish teenager in Ibiza.

Daily Star reports that the footballer is being held with a man in custody after the 18-year-old victim told police she had been sexually assaulted at a villa in San Jose.

Sources claim she has been admitted to hospital as a result of the assault.

Both of the suspects are German and have been in custody since Wednesday, with the alleged incident having occurred in the early hours of the day.

Daily Star also reports that it was not made clear on Saturday morning if the men arrested have appeared before an investigating judge in an initial court hearing.

The suspect is said to be a high-profile Bundesliga player

The player is reportedly a top German star
The player is reportedly a top German star

The Sun added to the report saying that the German footballer is a 25-year-old and according to reports he has just recently extended his contract with his club side.

The German club is also undisclosed but is reported to be one of the biggest in the Bundesliga and has won a number of championship titles.

German media are yet to report on the assault, but Spanish-language Ibizan newspapers have done so.

Neither of the two suspects have been named in the local press, but we can expect to hear more about the incident in due course.

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