“Going to win” – Booker T predicts that absent WWE star will be a success

Booker T feels SmackDown star Shotzi’s fans should not be worried about her absence from television and that she will be a star in the WWE.

The Superstar was called up to the main roster last year after spending two years in NXT. She was drafted to the Blue brand where she debuted with Tegan Nox.

On the recent Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T was asked by a fan about Shotzi’s absence from television. The Hall of Famer thinks that SmackDown star has all the qualities to succeed in the WWE:

“Shotzi got cut from Tough Enough because they didn’t see a whole lot in her. “Shotzi was the girl that said, ‘I’m gonna go on the independent scene and prove to the WWE that I’m worthy to be a part of that locker room.’ And she did that. Even with the gimmick that she had on the independents, she brought it to the WWE. That’s how noticed she made herself to the WWE and the wrestling world.”

Booker T added:

“Her not getting TV time right now doesn’t say a whole lot to me at all. Let’s just see how this thing plays out as far as Shotzi goes. She’s been in the business for a minute. Let’s give her a chance to get her feet wet. Let’s give her a chance to get to the main roster and actually show exactly what she can do,” said the two-time Hall of Famer. [41:00 to 41:59]

The former King of the Ring stated that he’s not worried or concerned that Shotzi isn’t getting TV time at the moment. He thinks that she will be a success in the company.

“At the end of the day, she’s going to win. She’s a worker and she’s not been denied as far as this business goes,” said Booker T. [42:02 to 42:10]

Why has Shotzi not been on WWE television lately?

Shotzi’s last appearance on television came earlier this year in February, when she faced Sasha Banks on SmackDown.

Since then, she has featured a few times on house shows but hasn’t been on television.

A recent report stated that the company doesn’t have any plans for her which explains her absence, but she has been backstage for SmackDown shows.

Please credit the Hall of Fame podcast and give a H/T to Sportskeeda for the transcription.

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