Hasim Rahman Jr. calls Jake Paul’s father a pedophile

Boxer Hasim Rahman Jr. discussed his opinion of Jake Paul with FanSided and fired shots at Paul and his family after past Paul comments. 

“I’m ending that whole a** legacy that y’all whole a** family got. It’s over with Aug. 6,” Jake Paul declared regarding the Rahman family.

In the kickoff press conference promoting their Saturday, Aug. 6 boxing bout, Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. went back and forth with verbal jabs. Paul brought Rahman’s family into it with his comments about ending the family’s boxing legacy.

Rahman Jr.’s father, Hasim Rahman, once was the heavyweight champion after knocking out Lennox Lewis in 2001. Rahman Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps and is widely regarded as the most dangerous opponent of Paul’s young boxing career.

It’s customary for fighters to trade barbs to build pre-fight hype, but going in on family is seen as crossing the line.

Although Paul’s comments about the Rahmans were relatively tame, Rahman Jr. had an explanation as to why Paul didn’t go further with them. He also took the opportunity to hit back at Paul and his family.

“I mean, you know, he want to talk about family, but he cut that short because if we want to talk about family, we could talk about, you know, my dad,” Rahman Jr. said to FanSided. “We can talk about his dad. His dad’s a pedophile. His dad on YouTube kissing a little girl.

“I mean, you want to talk about family? You want to talk about my brother? My brother’s a undefeated 154-pounder. His brother is, I don’t even think his brother has a win yet. And he in the closet.”

Watch Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. on Saturday, Aug. 6, on Showtime pay-per-view at 9 p.m. ET

Rahman Jr.’s comments about Paul’s father, Gregory Paul, likely stem from a Paul YouTube video from five years ago titled “Kissing Contest.” Paul’s father kisses a female, who is considerably younger than he is, but was reportedly 21 at the time, according to

In the buildup to their Showtime boxing pay-per-view-contest, an edited clip from a sparring session between Paul and Rahman Jr. surfaced online. It shows Paul landing a punch on Rahman Jr. and then flashes to an angry Rahman Jr. verbally accosting Paul.

Rahman Jr. said that he saw Paul’s team set up cameras before their sparring session and suspected they would use the footage to show Paul in a positive light.

“I knew it from that day,” Rahman Jr. said. “And, you know, that’s the reason why you see me upset because, I’m like, all this boxing we just did, all the schooling I just did to you, but you only going to show, you know, I knew already how Jake Paul get down.

“So I knew he was only going to show that little bit of whatever it was that we sparred–him landing a punch or two and then, you know, he jumping on top of the turnbuckle, and he going up to the camera talking trash, and I’m just like, ‘Bro, show some respect.’”

Rahman Jr. claims that Paul proved to be a fake person from that experience because of the little of the session he showed and omitted pictures of them posing together friendly after sparring.

“You could tell how fake Jake Paul is because you see how he did that,” Rahmand Jr. said. “But then you see a picture of us afterward. They don’t show none of that. They don’t need to talk about that.

“How we got a picture standing next to each other cool after the sparring session when it was so heated in the ring. And then, even more, to add on to that, you never ever ever heard Jake say my name for a whole two years leading up to this fight.”

Rahman Jr. described Paul as a manipulator who’s only speaking up about him now because Paul needs Rahman Jr. to save the Aug. 6 fight date after Tommy Fury pulled out of the matchup for a second time.

There’s a little over a week until Rahman Jr. and Paul meet at Madison Square Garden. Who knows what else they will say about each other leading up to fight night.

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