Hasim Rahman Jr. weighs in at 206.6 for canceled fight, unofficially (Video)

Hasim Rahman Jr. vs. Jake Paul was canceled a week before the Aug. 6 fight date, but Rahman Jr. staged a weigh-in to show he could have made 205.

The Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. drama continues despite their Aug. 6 boxing bout at New York’s Madison Square Garden being canceled for over a week.

To demonstrate that he wasn’t the reason the fight was canceled, Rahman staged a weigh-in at Gleason’s Gym on Aug. 5, the day Rahman and Paul would have weighed in if the contest went through.

During the weigh-in, Rahman came in at 206.6 pounds. There’s nothing official about this weigh-in, so take that result as you will.

Usually, the state athletic commission administers the weigh-in with perfectly calibrated scales, so you have to trust team Rahman if you want to believe the number on the scale.

Initially, Paul vs. Rahman was scheduled at the cruiserweight limit of 200 pounds. The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) wouldn’t allow the fight to go on due to Rahman’s weight a week before the bout.

Hasim Rahman Jr. staged a weigh-in for the canceled Jake Paul fight and came in at 206.6, unofficially

NYSAC stated the fight would have to be moved to 205. Paul was on board with that plan, but Paul’s promotional company, Most Valuable Promotions, canceled the event.

A July 30 press release from MVP stated that Rahman’s team informed them they planned to weigh 215 pounds for the fight. MVP used that as grounds to call the fight off.

Rahman admitted on social media (h/t that he couldn’t make 200. Then, he acknowledged on social media that he wanted to fight 210 or 215, which would legitimize Paul’s team’s claims.

Then, the narrative from Rahman shifted. Rahman claimed MVP wasn’t being truthful about their statements, implying Paul was looking for a way out.’s Jake Donovan tweeted, “Extreme miscommunication (trying to be polite here) on Rahman’s side prompted Most Valuable Promotions to cancel the fight, and with it the entire event.”

Could Rahman have made 205? Was it a miscommunication? Did Rahman plan on weighing well above 205, or did Paul want a way out of the fight?

It all depends on who you believe.

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