“He can be on top” – Jim Cornette says former WWE Superstar could be a top star in AEW

Wrestling personality Jim Cornette believes that AEW star Kyle O’Reilly could become a top wrestler in the company if used correctly.

Last Sunday at Double or Nothing 2022, O’Reilly and Darby Allin went head-to-head against each other in a showcase of their contrasting styles. The Undisputed Elite member emerged victorious after a grueling match, which also saw Allin eat a vicious knee to the face in the opening segments.

Talking about the match on a recent episode of Cornette’s Drive Thru podcast, the wrestling veteran thought the match between O’Reilly and Allin was the best he had seen on the pay-per-view. He specifically praised The Violent Artist’s ability and said that he has plenty of tools to be on top, especially when utilized right.

“So far, that was the best thing we’d seen and O’Reilly again especially here where size is not as important. I’m talking about in AEW versus WWE and with his style, which is different, he’s got so much potential. I’m scared about the booking because you never know when he’ll be turned into a complete f**ing moron too like most of the rest of them. But, Kyle has tremendous potential, he can be on top here in this company,” Cornette said. [3:30 – 4:01]

Check out the episode below:


Jim Cornette is hopeful that Kyle O’Reilly could become a breakout star in AEW

During the same episode of Cornette’s Drive Thru, the former WWE manager talked about Kyle O’Reilly winning the match over Darby Allin.

Jim Cornette finished his review of the match by saying that O’Reilly should find ways to stay over, no matter what AEW requires him to do.

“But I hope that they do continue to… well, I won’t say that they do continue to do something with Kyle; I hope Kyle can continue to get out of the way of the things they try to do with him and stay over. How about that?” Cornette said. [6:11 – 6:25]

O’Reilly is currently paired with Bobby Fish as reDRagon and as part of The Undisputed Elite with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks. Even though the group has gained success over recent weeks, it will be interesting to see if The Violent Artist can break out on his own and be a top singles star in the future.

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