“He can’t help himself; I think it’s gonna be a soap opera and a mess” – Bill Simmons contends the Brooklyn Nets’ situation could end in a disaster next season

The Brooklyn Nets jumped into contender status among oddsmakers immediately after Kevin Durant decided to recommit to the team. They went from the bottom 10 to at least the top 10 among the favorites to win next year’s NBA championship.

Bill Simmons, on his podcast, wasn’t as positive about Brooklyn’s future as most bookies. He learned his lesson by not trusting a team that features KD, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons:

“The media microscope of just every move, quote, everything is gonna be dissected and somebody like Kyrie, he has something every day. He can’t help himself. I think it’s gonna be a soap opera and a mess, and if you could tell me this is actually gonna be great or this is gonna be an absolute disaster, I would go absolute disaster.”


The Nets’ trio of superstars have been at the center of the NBA’s biggest drama over the last year or so. Ben Simmons headlined things last season by sitting out of training camp unless he was traded by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Almost two weeks later, Irving followed suit by refusing to take the vaccine and sacrificing for his Brooklyn teammates. He missed nearly the entire season and then promptly asked for a max extension after missing more games than played over the last three seasons.

Whatever happens, some numbers that shouldn’t be forgot:–Nets won 44 games last year and were swept.–Kevin Durant played 90 games in three years.–Kyrie Irving played 103 games in three years.–KD and Kyrie played 58 games together in three years out of possible 226.

Kevin Durant kept Brooklyn’s offseason burning by demanding a trade. He also asked the Nets to fire general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash.

The Nets at one point were 30-1 odds to win the NBA Championship. With Durant returning they are now to 7-1

With the way things are going, it’s easy for fans to wonder when, not if, the next drama is going to happen next. The 82-game schedule is a grind, and any of Durant, Irving or Simmons could do something that will compromise Brooklyn’s fragile status.

Kevin Durant needs the best version of Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons to carry the Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving hasn’t had success playing without LeBron James. He is only 11-11 in the postseason without “King James” and 39-13 playing alongside the GOAT candidate. Irving was 100% healthy last season and, except for Game 1, was almost a nonfactor against the Boston Celtics.

Perhaps a full training camp and preseason with the Brooklyn Nets could help things turn around. But before the series against Boston, Irving wowed the crowd with his usual array of moves that showed no signs of rust.

The Celtics sweep the Nets 4-0 in Round 1 ☘️It’s the first time Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have ever been swept in the playoffs.

Ben Simmons’ hurdles are significantly bigger than that of Irving’s. He cited mental issues as a major stumbling block last season. If the mind isn’t right, a fully healthy body just wouldn’t be as good.

The former Philly star also underwent back surgery in May. He already looks in great shape doing rehab, but how his back will hold up will only be tested in the NBA’s grind. Several players with back troubles were never quite the same again or their impact was limited due to said injury.

Mike Greenberg warns the NBA of the Brooklyn Nets“This is your worst nightmare happening here. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons are each individually highly motivated.”…

Kevin Durant is normally unflappable on the basketball court. As good as he is, he would need Irving and Simmons to be at their best to carry the Brooklyn Nets.

Edited by Joseph Schiefelbein

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