“He doesn’t just miss shots, he misses them so badly, it’s comically sad” – Skip Bayless questions why the Brooklyn Nets would want to put themselves through a year of Russell Westbrook

The LA Lakers may have found a way to rid themselves of Russell Westbrook and keep their future first-round draft picks. A possible trade for Westbrook could emanate with the Brooklyn Nets looking to offload Kyrie Irving.

News of the potential trade has not sat well with some analysts. One in particular is Skip Bayless, who thinks nothing good can come from Westbrook. He questioned why any franchise would want to have the two-time scoring champion.

He emphatically stated that the guard cannot play as he misses shots terribly, and it is almost a joke. He was bewildered as to why the Nets are considering a trade for Westbrook and remarked that he would have understood if it was the San Antonio Spurs.

“Why in the name of Kevin Durant will anybody in the NBA want Russell Westbrook right now?” Bayless said. “He can’t play, period. He doesn’t just miss shots, he misses them so badly they are comically sad misses. So why would anybody wish this upon themselves?”

Irving’s desire to play for the Lakers seems to be coming to fruition as Laker Nation itches for an announcement of his acquisition. The 2016 NBA champion could reunite with LeBron James and lead the Lakers to the championship title.

Would Russell Westbrook be the right fit for the Brooklyn Nets?

Russell Westbrook of the LA Lakers handles the ball on April 5 in Phoenix, Arizona.
Russell Westbrook of the LA Lakers handles the ball on April 5 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Having spent a season with the LA Lakers, Russell Westbrook is yet to make a mark for himself with the franchise. This was despite coach Frank Vogel’s faith in the player, which saw him play in most games for the Lakers last season.

He had a good run with the OKC Thunder, leading the team to the playoffs nine times in his 11 seasons with the franchise. In that time, he led the league in scoring and assists twice.

The Lakers and the Nets are actively engaged in trade talks revolving around “a Russell Westbrook-Kyrie Irving package,” per @ChrisBHaynes

If he becomes a key man with the Nets, Westbrook could have a great time as he did during his tenure with OKC, the Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards. The nine-time All-Star could go on to write his name in franchise history.

Westbrook, who turns 34 in November, has seen his scoring decline from a league-leading 31.6 points per game in 2016-17, when he was the MVP.

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