“He was f***ing you up” – Hasim Rahman Jr. roasts Joe Weller after KSI altercation

Hasim Rahman Jr. confronted Joe Weller after his altercation with KSI. Weller is part of the broadcasting team for the KSI vs. Swarmz event and was present during the weigh-ins before the fight. After weigh-ins and the face-offs, ‘JJ’ was giving an interview with the broadcaster when he saw the YouTuber in the background and questioned why he was there.

KSI vs Joe Weller rematch, 3 fights on night😂🤣

‘JJ’ began imitating his fellow Brit and berating him. Weller then started walking towards the YouTuber, rapper, and boxer trying to get at him. ‘The Nightmare’s’ bodyguards did not let him get close and he was escorted off the screen. Following the incident, Jake Paul’s former opponent Hasim Rahman Jr. met Joe Weller and confronted him.

Rahman Jr. asked him:

“Yo Sweller, what’s up man? You got any advice for f***ing Swarmz and Pineda, coz KSI gave you a (exhales sharply)..”

Weller responded by saying:

“Well I wasn’t throwing anything back.”

Rahman Jr. replied immediately, saying:

“At all, he was f***ing you up and I was like bro”

Weller then asked Rahman Jr. if he was aware of the fact that the fight took place five years ago. So the American asked the YouTuber if he wanted to fight ‘The Nightmare’ again and avenge his loss. The Brit replied by saying:

“I’ll have KSI on the street or a car park we don’t need the no protection (boxing gloves) anymore, do you know what I mean?”

Take a look at the video Rahman Jr. posted on Twitter:

KSI offered to fight Joe Weller as his third opponent of the night

‘JJ’ has offered to fight against Joe Weller as his third fight on his August 27, 2 fights in one night card. Following his altercation with Weller during the weigh-ins, ‘The Nightmare’ spoke at about a fight against his fellow Brit during an interview with DAZN Boxing:

“Honestly I’d have him for the third fight. Why not, why not, after I knock out both Pineda and Swarmz, I’ll fight him as well. Literally in the ring, I’ll be like alright get your gloves on let’s go.”

Although ‘The Nightmare’ was not serious about the offer, it got fans wondering whether a rematch between the pair could be in the works. The two have a bitter rivalry and have already fought once, five years ago. The second fight could be an opportunity for Weller to redeem himself.

Take a look at the interview with DAZN Boxing:

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