“He’s extremely talented” – Christian Lee believes his brother Adrian is a future world champion

Former lightweight world champion Christian Lee believes his younger brother Adrian is destined to be a world champion someday, but he still thinks that his younger sibling needs time to develop before competing professionally at ONE Championship.

Christian Lee knows a quick thing or two about being in the spotlight at a young age. He was thrown into the deep end at age 17 when he made his ONE debut in 2015. Understanding the emotional rollercoaster that comes with early success, Lee hopes his brother can learn from his experience before deciding to take the leap.

He told ONE Championship:

“I would like to see him start his career with nothing being rushed. I want him to be able to enjoy his high school years, turn 18, build up a few amateur fights, and then turn professional and build up his pro record a bit before he goes on a big stage.”

He continued:

“So with him, I’m going to use the experience that I have from my career and try to make his [career] better. I’m just trying to do everything I can to give him all the skills that I have and more. He’s extremely talented. He’s got all of the skills, all of the makings to be a future world champion.”

Christian Lee says fans will see a “big” improvement in new rematch with Ok Rae Yoon

Christian Lee is not the type of guy who will make the same mistakes twice. Although the majority of his fans agree that he beat Ok Rae Yoon in his last world title defense 10 months ago, Lee will leave no doubt this time as to who the legitimate world champion is on August 26 at ONE 160.

Lee is training extremely hard and focusing on all areas in order to take his belt back. Since both fighters haven’t fought in any other matches between those 10 months, it would be interesting to see how much they’ve improved since their last fight.

Lee told SCMP MMA:

“I’ve never once in my career felt satisfied with where I’m at. I’ve never stopped trying to improve my striking, trying to improve my wrestling, trying to improve my jiu jitsu, so, really, every area of the game I’m working to improve. And I think… in my next fight, there’s going to be a big improvement in every area, you know? I’m just going to be a lot more sharp than I was in that last fight.”

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