“He’s got bad habits” – Triple H says independent wrestlers have bad habits that untrained college athletes don’t

Former NXT boss Triple H has claimed that the independent wrestlers WWE used to sign brought bad in-ring habits with them. He implied that this is part of the reason the company has shifted to signing untrained college athletes.

With the shift to NXT from the Black & Gold era to the 2.0 format, WWE has implemented several changes. One of the most significant was the decision to begin recruiting more former athletes like Gable Steveson over independent wrestlers like Adam Cole and Malakai Black.

Triple H recently sat down for an interview with Chris Vannini of The Athletic, where he discussed WWE’s past, its future, and the developmental show NXT 2.0. The Game pointed out why the brand shifted its approach to signing and showcasing talent that is trained in WWE’s Performance Center:

“The tryouts we did before, where there were a lot of athletes and experienced indie guys, I don’t think there’s any less of a ‘That’s a rock star’. The indie stuff, half of it is, ‘He’s a good in-ring performer, but the rest is a mystery. He’s got bad habits I have to get him out of.’ This is almost cleaner. It’s a blank slate.”

Breaking: WWE will hold a multiday tryout exclusive to current and recently graduated college athletes during WrestleMania week in early April as it looks to find a new crop of future wrestlers, The Athletic has learned.More from @ChrisVannini:…

The 14-time World Champion also said that the company has more or less shifted its focus to untrained athletes right out of college and others who have been released from sports leagues like the NFL.

With these changes, it seems as though the company prefers to mold its superstars rather than inherit the talent of the indie circuit.

Triple H comments on AEW, says competion make everyone sharper

Triple H on the transition of black and gold NXT to NXT 2.0- via The Athletic

During the same interview, Triple H said that the formation of AEW and its subsequent success is good for the wrestling business.

While there is no head-to-head ratings battle between the two companies since NXT was moved to Tuesday nights, bidding wars over talent are expected to heat up in the coming years with many wrestlers expected to jump to rival promotions.

With AEW signing megastars like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, it could be in the early stages of encroaching on WWE’s market. Speaking to Chris Vannini, Triple H described competition as being good for all companies and the wrestling business itself:

“As long as there aren’t things hurting the business overall, I think any of that stuff is good. If you’re a 6-year-old kid, you turn on the TV, wrestling is on and you like it. Now you’re caught up in it. Then you start sampling all of it. You get to where you’re a huge fan. That’s the money.”

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